13 January 2012


¡Hola Amigos!

As you know, last summer I went on an amazing trip around Europe with my lovely fiancee. We explored so many amazing places and saw so many wonderful things and I loved every minute of it.
This morning I have been looking through the hundreds of photos that were taken on that trip and it has inspired me to get out there and book the trip to Mexico that I have wanted to book ever since getting home.
My question to you though is, how do I choose the right trip for me? I've been looking online this morning and found this one on the Trek America website and it sounds amazing but being the Cautious Carol that I am, I worry that it will all go horribly wrong for me and be a scam or something crazy. Has anybody else used Trek America before?
Any advice and personal experience is much welcome!
Annie x


  1. Hey Annie.. Ran over this blog from a tweet...
    and let me tell you, Trek America's Mexico trips are pretty good!...and they are well known for being a great tour operator.

    What kind of trip are you looking to do? relax? vaykay? are you set on the trek america itin or still interested in options?

    PS. Your comment as options make it VERY difficult to post a response!

    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for getting in touch.

      I'm looking for a trip that will let me see lots of Mexico and because I'll be traveling alone I think I tour would probably be the best way. I'm not dead set on the trek america itin and I'm open to any suggestions :)

      Thanks for letting me know about the comments. I don't actually know how to change that though. I don't know if you could shed any light?