14 January 2012

Pixlr stole my heart

Hi once again.

Being the wild party animal that I am, I have found myself curled up on the sofa on this cold Saturday night playing around on my laptop. A few days ago I read a blog past boasting the brilliance that is pixlr and as a photography lover myself I thought I'd use the evening playing around with the online program. 
I have to say, I'm sooo pleased that I did. I have found a new love.
The online program lets you upload any photo from your computer and then from there works in a similar- but easier to use- way as PhotoShop and lets you do all sorts of great things. I have PhotoShop elements on my laptop but the pixlr program allows you to do more.
As well as that, they have the "retro vintage effects" option that you upload your image onto and choose from their selection of retro overlays, effects and frame styles to apply. I had great fun doing this and managed to make the lovelies. Seriously, have a go, its sooo fun! Annie x

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