29 January 2012

From the Scrapbook #1

 I's so excited to say that today is the first installment of "From the Scrapbook" a weekly feature dedicated to the wonder that is virtual scrapping :)

This weeks goodies are all about: Travel
Simply save them as a .PNG file on your computer and away you go.

First we have a lovely wide blog header that includes room to add your own photo to the polaroid frame and add your blog name to the floral postcard.

Next we have a cute post pretty where you can add your own holiday photo to the polaroid frame and then use the grid paper in the rounded frame to tell your blog readers all about what is in the photo.

And finally we have a sweet little gift tag, decorated with a hot air balloon and the phrase "last night I dreamt I was flying" which would be perfect for a going away present or for anyone with an interest in traveling.

I'm particularly keen on the gift tag myself. Which is your favourite? I would love to see if you use one of these freebies so it would be great if you'd send me a link :) Hope everyone has a lovely sunday, I'm off to make a chicken pie (yumyum!)
Annie x


  1. These are all super cute! I'm working on my own header and was wondering where you get all your cute "scraps" and what program you use to edit it together. Thanks for the help!

    1. Thank you :) I get them from places like "the graphics fairy", that blog has loads and loads, definitely worth a google :) I put them together using photoshop elements, each bit is a different layer then just flatten the image afterwards :) xx