10 February 2012

A Winter's Tale

Its sooo chilly here! I've been so lazy and spent the afternoon curled up in bed reading and listening to the radio, pretty lush :)
I mentioned last week that I was reading a book called "A Winters Tale" by Trisha Ashley. Well, I finished it a couple of days ago and can happily say that it was well worth the money. I love the author's style of writing, its nice and descriptive and lets you draw up a good picture of the setting and characters.

The book revolves around a woman called Sohpy Winter who inherits the large family home, Winters End when her grandfather dies. She moves into the home where she spent her childhood and, glad to be re-united with the home she has dreamt about since she was forced to leave with her mother when she was still young, she immediately sets to work restoring the house to its original beauty. This angers her handsome cousin Jack as he was always raised to believe the house would become his inheritance. Jack simply cannot believe that Sophy will not sell him the property or cave into his romantic advances. And then there is the aloof gardener Seph to try and keep happy as he is less than enthused by Sophy's plans to divert labour from the garden into restoring the house when he is so near completion of a garden restoration all of his own.

This is a lovely book to relax with of an evening and is great for transporting you into the little world of Winter's End and I have little more to say other than to recommend it to anyone who likes a relaxing, easy, heart warming read :)

What books have you read recently? Are there any you could recommend I try next? I'm currently trying to resist buying the newest Katie Fforde... although if you can't treat yourself to a good book when you're ill in bed then when can you?

On a totally unrelated note, I stumbled across this shabby blogs frame last night and just had to use it asap so heres a quick photo set I put together. Lolly doesn't usually like having her photo taken, shes a grumpy old kitty :P

Annie x

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  1. oh I wish I could spend the afternoon like that too!! I have to study instead...=((((