21 March 2012

Bitter Disappointment

I'm writing this because I need to let off some steam!
I recently subscribed to Carmine beauty boxes because after seeing peoples previous boxes and reading lots about the fabby products that come in them, I decided that it was the box for me. It seemed less skin care orientated and more focused on lovely make-up samples that I would be likely to use all of.
I am livid because I have just received an email from Carmine telling me that they have joined forces with Glossybox. This annoys me because there is a reason I didn't go with Glossybox, and that is because all the reviews I've read say exactly the same; that the box just doesn't seem worth the money any more. The samples are small, contain lots of low value items, and are mainly skin care based.
Why Carmine has bailed out and joined with Glossybox I don't know. Maybe they were bought out because Glossybox deemed Carmine a threat? Whatever the reason, it has really ticked me off and I'm sure many other Carmine girls feel the same.

Ok,  rant over. But what am I meant to do now? With the email from Carmine I was given a money off code for the next Glossybox but is it really worth giving it a go just because of that?
What will you be doing now Carmine have stopped their boxes? Will you surrender to Glossybox? Which box would you recommend I give a go instead?
Annie x

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  1. I'm really annoyed too, Carmine was actually good most of the time. I also think it is disgusting the way they have treated their guest bloggers, letting them find out over twitter. x