7 March 2012

Weekly Wedding Fix #6

Hello again,
How is everybody this evening? I'm  feeling pretty good after having some lovely dinner, moisturising my hands with The Righteous Butter (everyone needs some, seriously!) and looking forward to a girly catch up and shopping trip tomorrow with one of my best friends, Kaii.

This week I've been feeling a little old school so I've put together An Old School Glamour themed board for you. Enjoy :)

1. A glamourous wedding allows for a show stopping dress. I was so excited when I discovered this gown in Yolan Cris' 2011 collection. The 1920's inspired design is perfect for an old school glamour wedding as well as accentuating your curves beautifully.

2. A soft pink is a good choice for bridesmaids as it is a classically feminine yet glamourous colour (think Audrey Hepburn).  I chose this full length dress as the gleam of the rose coloured fabric flatters the figure and the length of the dress is more formal than a shorter style.

3. Cream shoes are nearly always a safe choice for your girls, no matter what the theme of the day, as they are neutral, do not divert attention and can be worn again and again after the big day. This pair from Office do all of the above, yet they also follow the theme with their vintage look t-bar buckle strap. The heel may look a little chunky but it does allow for photographs on grassy areas with no damage to the heels.

4. I love everything about these bottle stopper favours from the vintage style packaging to the shine of the chrome. These provide a practical gift for guests that will not lie in a cupboard forgotten about. And there is something about shiny chrome goods that are oh so glamourous.

5. These beautifully simple place settings are perfect for an old school glamour wedding. Use lightly coloured vintage china and decorate with an ornate napkin ring and a single road for a stylish, formal effect.

6. With your bouquet, I feel that in this case, less can be more. A small, tight bouquet made up of one type of flower can look just as beautiful as a large, cascading one. This Lily of the Valley bouquet is small and sweet and as a little bonus, will smell wonderful as well. Lily of the Valley is an expensive choice but I think the look it gives is worth the money spent.

7. Again, less is more in the world of glamourous wedding cakes. Instead of going over the top with an elaborate design, why not stick to a classic white design and use white ribbon to decorate. Vintage brooches also make beautiful accent decorations.

8. You cannot have a classically glamourous wedding without a classically glamourous cocktail. For me, the only option here had to be a dry martini as you can't get much more classic than that. Even just holding a martini glass makes you look the part (think Pierce Brosnan as James Bond)

And there we have it, the ingredients for a beautiful old school glamourous wedding.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for details on how to take part in my first giveaway as well as a few other exciting things.
Annie x


  1. The first dress is stunning!

    Have tagged you in my latest post :)


    1. I know, I love that dress, the other ones in the collection are gorgeous too.
      Thanks for the tag, I'll post my answers tomorrow and link back :) xx

  2. I love that wedding cake!!! =)

  3. The 1920s is my favorite era. That first dress is so beautiful. Also, I love Elsie's colorful tights picture at the top.

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