25 April 2012

Mini Giveaway Details

Isn't the weather today awful?! I was meant to be going into town but I really can't be bothered to battle the elements!
Last night I wrote a post asking for your feedback on Three Little Buhos. As a little thank you for your help I am hosting a little giveaway for those who comment with their feedback. So what could you win? Here's the prizes.
On offer I have a bottle of my very favourite E.l.f nail varnish shade which is Mint Green, a tube of Nivea Glamorous Gloss which is a great treatment for lips as well as looking very pretty, and a sampled sized tube of Clarins Hyrda-Matte Lotion which is an amazing face cream that also works wonders for keeping shine at bay during the day.
This isn't a big giveaway I know but is instead a thank you for those who take the time to give me a little feedback. I have a proper, larger giveaway planned for when I reach 100 followers.

So here's what I want to know:

I'd like to know what your favourite posts are to read on Three Little Buhos and what you'd like to read more of. I'd also like to know what your very favourite beauty product is and why you love it.

Thats it, just a couple of little answers and you could win yourself some cute little goodies. The only rule is that you must be a UK follower of my blog and need to let me know what platform you follow on as well as answering these three little questions.

Originally I planned to only run this giveaway until 6pm today, however, I have decided to extend this until 6pm on Friday 27th April.

Good luck, and thank you :)
Annie x


  1. Favourite posts - I love your reviews, I'm just starting out in blogging so it's nice to see how different people lay out their reviews & ratings. Plus you can't beat a good recommendation!

    More of - Nails nails nails. I'm absolutely obsessed at the moment.

    Favourite product - Has to be pressed powder. I use Maxfactor facefinity at the moment but if I had to go out with just 1 product on it'd be this. It covers a multitude of sins without looking too done up.

    I'm following through GFC =]

  2. I love reading NOTD posts, I always neglect my nails and let the varnish chip until i finally repaint them, but seeing how pretty your nails look always kicks me into gear!! Plus the colours and styles you use are so nice, I used to only have red, black and clear nail polish but my collection has deffo increased since!

    More of - shopping hauls! Love seeing what products you've been buying (so nosey!) plus you mentioned in one of your posts about tk maxx, i never would have thought to go there but will deffo pop in, so a great way of educating your readers on what to buy and where to buy!

    My fave product at the mo is Benefit Erase Paste, helps hide all my blemishes and makes my face feel refreshed! And it comes in a cute little pot!

    Following on GFC