25 April 2012

Looking for Guest Bloggers

A late post because I have finally decided what to do with my blog on Tuesdays when I am simply too busy to write a decent post myself.
What I am offering is the chance to guest post on Three Little Buhos.
If you are a beauty or lifestyle blogger and are looking to expand your audience then I would love to hear from you.
You can post about anything you wish as long as it is in-fitting with the content usually published on Three Little Buhos.
You could write a review, talk about a favourite product or company, promote a giveaway or special feature on your blog, or answer the "Girl Behind the Blog" survey I am going to be putting together to tell us all a bit about you, what your blog is about and why you love to write it. Anything you want really, just let me know. If I think it would appeal to my readers then I will set you a date :)

If you'd be interested in writing a guest post for me and promoting your blog then pop me an email at:

Hope to hear from you soon,
Annie x

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