1 May 2012

The Big Sample Experiment- Week Four

I meant to post this last night but I had a rather rough day and just didn't get round to it. I'm sure all of my regular readers will know about The Big Sample Experiment that I have been running by now so I'll save you all the explanation again. This week was week four and I have to say that I have now put a big dent in my stock pile of samples (I can actually close the beauty box their kept in now!). I think to really use them up though that I am going to extend my experiment and keep at it all through May as well. By the end of May I think I should only be left with the real dregs that no one will ever use up.
This week I have been using 6 samples and have been pretty happy with them all. I also tried a 7th but I think that had gone off so we won't even go there! I have used:

Lancome Cleansing Fluid
Clarins Eye Contour Gel
Dior Deep Hydration Sorbet
Fifteen Conditioner
Benefit Facial Cream
Nivea Soft Touch Body Lotion

What I thought:
Lancome Cleansing Fluid: This cleanser is very effective. There is no scent which will please lots of people. It removes all traces of make-up and dirt from the skin whilst at the same time being very soft and kind to the skin. I did find it a little oily if you use too much but that was my only complaint. Rated 4/5

Clarins Eye Contour Gel: This has definitely been the stand out product from my sample experiment so far. I totally love it. Even o my fairly young skin I noticed an instant difference after using this gel. Instantly dark circles were lightened, colour was evened out and my eyes look much more awake. The sample wasn't large enough to tell whether I would see any long term effect but I would definitely recommend this. At £28 the price is high, but you need so little of this in one go that the 20ml bottle would last a very long time. Rated 5/5

Dior Deep Hydration Sorbet: From Dior I was expecting great things and I wasn't disappointed. The cream was a wonderful thick consistency that melted into skin very easily. The scent was also lovely, rich and indulgent but not very heavy so it wouldn't annoy people who don't like scented products. After use my skin felt wonderfully smooth and hydrated. I did find though that it was left a little sticky which I didn't like...or understand to be honest. Being Dior this has a very high price tag and I think that is its falling point. Its nice, but not £40 worth of nice. There are other creams which do the job just as well for a lot less money. Rated 3.5/5

Fifteen Conditioner: This is a make that I hadn't heard of before. I also struggled to find it on google so maybe it's made exclusively for hotels as thats where I picked this sample up. I really enjoyed using this sample. It had a wonderful old english rose smell which is one of my favourite scents at the moment. I also found the conditioner to be very effective in making my hair soft and shiny. I did find though that unlike most conditioners, I had a lot of trouble with tangles still after use which was a down side. The consistency was also very thick so I had trouble getting it all out of the bottle. Over all, rated 3/5

Benefit Facial Cream: There is so much I could say about the skin care range from Benefit. I adore it all, every product is very effective and totally worth the slightly steep price tag. The facial cream is no exception. The smell is divine, maybe a little strong for those who like scent free products, but divine none the less. I use this cream at night after taking all of my make-up off and my face looks and feels instantly soothed and refreshed. An added bonus is that, again, you need very little for each application so it will last a nice long time. Rated 5/5

Nivea Soft Touch Body Lotion: There isn't a huge amount to say about this sample. It worked just like you would expect a body lotion to do so. There was no scent to the product which I found a little disappointing but it did work very well. The cream sank in very quickly and felt instantly hydrated, especially on my dry legs but they were left feeling slightly...slippy. So all round, a bit of a boring product. Rated 3.5/5

And thats my samples for the week!
Have you tried any of these products?
Annie x

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  1. Conditioner that leaves tangles makes me sad. I've never tried any of the Benefit skincare although I have a lot of love for their make up - I might have to give it a go!