15 May 2012

The Buy Now, Pay Later Revolution

todays guest post is a sponsored post from Isme,  a large online retailer similar to the likes of Very and Marrisota. They offer a great range of products and are well worth a look :)
Annie x
*I haven't been paid to publish this article but feel that it is something that may be of interest to you lovely followers :)

The ‘buy now, pay later’ revolution

Most people will be keenly aware that money is a little tight right now. Most of us have had to make a few sacrifices, cut back a bit and keep a slightly firmer grasp on those purse strings.
To make matters worse, spring and summer can be especially wallet-stretching times of year, between holidays, barbecues and updating your wardrobe to reflect the warmer temperatures – and more often than not, our budgets simply won’t stretch to accommodate these extra expenses.
There are alternatives, however. Isme is just one online retailer that offers a handy buy now pay later service, which means that you can have your cake, eat it, and not pay for it until 2013!
With ‘buy now pay later’ purchasing, there’s no need to empty your pockets all at once when you want to buy something. Rather than paying up-front for that must-have new frock or state-of-the-art laptop, you can defer payment entirely for 12 months – or alternatively pay off what you owe in small, manageable chunks over an extended period, so that you needn’t feel the pinch of your purchase.
The process itself is incredibly simple. Once you’ve browsed the online range and chosen what you want, just put your choice in the basket and head for the checkout. There you’ll be given the option to defer payment or spread the cost of your order over a longer time period – it’s a convenient financial solution, especially when it comes to the bigger buys.
Using the buy now pay later method, you simply need to make small, regular payments each month (which can be arranged easily via Direct Debit) which means you can focus on enjoying your purchases rather than stressing over the expense – it could revolutionise the way you shop.
Why not take a look at the range of fab products available at Isme? With everything from stylish furniture to the latest on-trend clothing styles available online, you can take advantage of the site’s buy now pay later service and enjoy stress-free shopping.
*Addition: I feel that I should mention that after checking the terms and conditions on the Isme site, you also do not need to pay interest on purchases which was my first query*


  1. I think this may be the kind of thing I need to start taking advantage of haha, I'm just worried in a way that I will end up spending more over time because I know I don't need to worry about paying all in one go!

    Frances xx


    1. Haha, that is something I can totally relate to. It doesn't feel like real money if you don't have to pay right away. I think its a great idea if you want something pricey though that you'd have to save up for for ages to be able to buy straight out. xx

  2. I'm really sorry Annie, but this is the first blog of yours I've ever disagreed with. Buy now pay later options are dreadful - just encouraging young people to spend money they don't have and will get them into debt further down the line. Those types of options rely on the spender being responsible with their money, and only about 10% of the people who will use the service are going to be responsible spenders.

    I'm against absolutely anything that allows a 'buy now pay later' philosophy on unecessary things, including credit cards. If you have a big purchase such as furniture then they're fab, especially if you can grab a 0% deal, but for anything else they just allow people to get into unmanageable debt unless you're ridiculously careful with them.

    Sorry to disagree. :(

    1. Thats ok love, I totally understand what you're saying. If you're bad with money then I'd never recommend a buy now pay later option but if you're just stuck needing say a fancy dress for a wedding at short notice I think its a great idea, especially with no interest needing to be paid. xx