3 May 2012

Done and Dusted- April Empties

Sorry my blogging has been a bit erratic over the last few days, I had a few things going on. But I'm back properly now with some great reviews lined up, two beauty boxes to show you and here is my April collection of empties!
Full Sized:
As I've been doing my sample experiment during april I haven't been using up many full sized products and these are just the essentials really. I have gone through a bag of cotton pads, a packet of Nivea facial cleansing wipes, a tub of nail polish remover wipes, a deep cleansing face mask and also polished of my MAC liquid shine eyeliner in Aquamarine. The only one of these that I would not buy again is the nail varnish remover wipes and thats because I hate all nail wipes. I got these for christmas and used them all up but wouldn't ever buy them myself.

Sample bottles:
I love bottled samples, they're so useful to have. The reason I've only emptied four bottles is because I like to keep them for holidays. I loved all four of these and would happily repurchase (I've already bought a bottle of the Dove conditioner). I cannot recommend the Lancome bi-facil enough. It works wonderfully at removing tough eye make-up.

Sample sachets:
Annoyingly, I have a fair few sachets that have around one more use in them at the moment but I just couldn't justify labeling them empties so there is another stash of these next month. Out of these sachets the Comfort Zone goodies really stood out. I loved all of them, especially the essential leg cream which works miracles after a long day at work.

You can find review for all of the sample products *here* as part of my Big Sample Survival Experiment.

What have you used up during April? Link me to your empties posts :)
Annie x


  1. Quite a collection of empties, great post! Thanks for linking me!

    Sharleena xx

  2. check out my latest blogpost, my April Empties! http://mybeautyandstuff.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/april-empties.html
    thanks xx

  3. wow you go through a lot of samples in a month! Do you get yours from a subscription?

    Found on you Bloghop!


    1. Haha, I don't usually go through that many samples in a month, I was doing a sample survival month to use as many as I could up. Some were from She Said Beauty boxes but lots are just ones I've acquired over time that needed using up :)

      I'll check out your blog now! xx

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