4 May 2012

Latest in Beauty CEW Beauty Awards Box

This is the first of a couple of beauty box reviews I have for you. I'll be posting my thoughts on the May She Said Beauty box tomorrow.
Latest in Beauty is a slightly different beauty box concept where you have the choice of building your own mini box of three samples chosen by you, purchasing individual luxury sized samples or buying one of their themed boxes that are released once every month or two.
This month was the CEW(UK) Beauty Awards box which was packed full of goodies that were finalists in the Beauty Insiders Choice awards. This box cost £8.95 plus £2.95 postage and for that money you receive 9 samples (including a full sized Nails Inc Varnish and a 50ml travel sized Elemis body cream!)

So, whats in the box:
This is what met me when I lifted the lid. Exciting no? I have to admit that I let out a little squeal of excitement, especially when I realised that I'd received the Weleda sample instead of the Benefit (I love Benefit but I already have a full sized tube of The Porefessional which was the alternate sample)

My Impressions:

First up was a sample of Mont Blanc Legend which I gave to Daniel to play with. I managed to squeeze a brief review out of him. He said that he liked the smell as it wasn't too over powering but still long lasting. He also liked the "quietly confident" (haha, men eh?) packaging of the full sized bottle which looks rather like a hip flask which appealed to him.

Next out of the box was an Ellis Saab perfume sample. I tried this on straight away and really liked it. The scent is soft and floral and perfect for wearing during the long summer days. I did find that after a while thought, this started to smell a little weird on me.

Next was the Weleda Pomegranate Firming Day Cream sample I was so excited about. This came in a high quality metal tube which is strong enough to carry around in a messy make-up bag without worrying about it breaking. The smell is gorgeous and so far, it has had a lovely effect on my skin so there may be a review coming up shortly!

I'll be honest, this nail varnish was the main reason I gave in and bought this box. It is a full 10ml sized bottle of Porchester Square which is worth £11 alone and as a girl who loves Nails Inc but is on a tight budget, this was just asking to be bought! The colour is a nude tone with a slightly purple tint to it and makes a lovely base for nail art as well as being a nice spring colour on its own. I can't get enough of it :)

I've heard great things about this cream so I'm looking forward to trying it out. I haven't started it yet so can't say much but I was happy with the size of the sample, at 50ml this is a proper travel sized bottle that will be useful to take on holiday without the annoyance of it running out after a couple of uses.

Next up is L'Occitane Brightening Hand Care with SPF 15. Personally, I don't fully understand the concept behind brightening hand cream. Am I mad for not caring if my hands are bright and glowy? As long as they're soft then I'm generally not bothered. However, this is a lovely cream which sinks in well leaving hands instantly soft and hydrated. It also smells really nice; sort of herbal.

This was another excitement. I've been wanting to try dry conditioner for a while now and I know that Percy and Reed are known for their high quality offering. I haven't used this yet but the sample is a great size and if it is anywhere near as good as the other Percy and Reed products I've tried then I know I'll be hooked.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish needs little introduction or explanation because it is already adored by all beauty lovers. I received a 30ml sample bottle and a muslin cloth and its taking a lot of self restraint to leave this for use on my summer holiday as a treat rather than use it now and then have to spend more to replace it hehe.

This sample was a little bonus that wasn't advertised. It contains three little sachets of Liz Earle tinted moisturiser one in light, medium and dark. This was a lovely little extra as I love trying out new make-up products and Liz Earle products are always great :)

Phew, so thats what I got in my Latest in Beauty box. Brilliant value for money, and a great selection of different products. Have you bought this box? Or any others from Latest in Beauty? What do you think?
Annie x


  1. what is dry conditioner? is it like dry shampoo? and i've never heard of liz earle, but then i'm kind of new to makeup. looks like a fabulous treat from the mailman though!

    1. Its similar to dry shampoo as in its a quick fix for making your hair look beautiful. You spray it from half way down the strand to the end of your hair and it (should) give you soft and shiny hair like a regular conditioner between washes :) I'd definitely recommend Liz Earle products but they are rather pricey anywhere other than the Uk xx

  2. This seems way better value than any other boxes, the novelty had worn off for me but this is really interesting!

    1. Latest in Beauty are definitely one for you to look out for then. You can see what is in each themed box before you buy so you avoid the dreaded beauty box disappointment. I find you get more for your money with Latest in Beauty as well :) xx

      (lovely blog by the way, I'm a new follower)

  3. ELIE SAAB!!!! = one of my favorite designers!! Super jealous! Looks like a fabulous box!


    1. I really like Ellie Saab too and this perfume is really nice :) I was so happy with this box! xx

  4. I got my box through today and I absolutely love it! I do love the fact that you already know what is in it. A great selection of products :)
    Great blog! x