5 May 2012

She Said Beauty Box Review- May

I love beauty box time every month when the internet becomes saturated with reviews and discussion about what everyone liked and disliked.
I have a subscription with She Said Beauty and so far, I've been pleased with all of their boxes so lets hope they stick to what they're doing now. I got my box on Thursday and I've already been using a few things out of it.
What I got:
When I opened the box I was greeted by a nice assortment of bits and pieces with a good balance between skin care and cosmetics which is what I like about She Said Beauty. Other boxes tend to sway more towards being skin care heavy. There was also a bonus item which is always exciting to see.

Skin care items:
On the Skin care side of things I received a Natio bar of soap, a set of three Snowberry samples (night cream, lite day cream and eye serum) and a bottle of Green People sun lotion with tan accelerator.
I must say that I was rather disappointed by the bar of soap as I never use soap bars personally but the scent has an interesting concept; they have used scents that are used during yoga sessions to aid relaxation. I will be passing this on to mum however.
The sun lotion seemed a slightly strange choice too (especially given the weather!) but I think this will com in very handy later in the year when I got to Mallorca..
A lot of people haven't been keen on the Snowberry products but I really love them. The scent really isn't great but that quicklyfades away and the products themselves leave skin feeling wonderful so I was happy to get them. I was also happy to see that the three I got actually match my beauty profile on the site so unlike GB they actually use it which is fab!

Cosmetic items:
On the cosmetics front I was really impressed with this months box. Two of the items are full sized and with the Inika lip whip having a RRP price of £14.30 alone, this more than pays for the box! I got the lip whip in Apricot, I got a roller ball sample of Kim Kardashian perfume and a set of "Gracie" lashes from The Vintage Cosmetics Company. I was so happy to get this set of lashes, they were by far my favourite from the selection on offer. I was slightly disappointed to get the lip whip in Apricot as it isn't a colour I wear as I find Apricot shades look a little strange against my light skin but I think over a red lipstick it will look lovely. I'm undecided on the perfume so far as I find it smells a little too sweet for my liking. I love the packaging and the roller ball though. It's so much more interesting than usual perfume sample bottles.

The Verdict:
I'm really happy with this box, and whilst I liked the look of this months GB I think I will definitely be sticking to She Said Beauty for the foreseeable.

What did you think of this months box? Were you as happy as me?
Annie x

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