5 May 2012

Mini Pan Project

As summer draws nearer (despite what the weather may indicate!) I am trying as hard as I can to save money.
That means I'm more or less on a spending ban for now and I'm raiding my make-up stash and thought I'd start a project pan to give me a little motivation. There is something so satisfying about finishing a product off don't you think?
Here's what I'm panning:
1. My well loved Chilli Pepper palette is in the group because I used it primarily for the nude shade which has now entirely run out. The other shades are pretty but nothing special so I've not really bothered with them.

2. Garnier BB cream in Light. I was initially very pleased with this cream as it gave good coverage but still looked natural on skin. I've found though that it's started to become slightly greasy now I've had it a while and I'm not sure why. I'm not a fan of a very dewy look so I want to use this up and try a different BB cream for those lighter coverage days.

3. This powder blush came in a set I got years ago now. Its a pretty colour in the pot but doesn't add much colour to the face so I want to use this up so I don't feel guilty for abandoning it in favour of Dandelion from Benefit.

4. A Great Kisser from Soap and Glory. I really like this balm but it is so thick and sticky that I can only really use it over night to soften lips. It works very well but does leave my lips feeling a bit suffocated so when this is gone I think I'll be going back to good old Vaseline.

5. Calvin Klein Clarifying pressed powder. I've enjoyed using this product and it works well but I have been disappointed in how easily it breaks down which means it hasn't lasted long. I have a new powder lined up to use next so I want to finish this off to make way for the new one (which was a whole lot cheaper!) :)

6. Nail varnish remover wipes. Now, anyone who reads my blog regularly will probably know that I hate nail varnish removal wipes. I've been putting off using these for quite a while now so the time has some to bite the bullet and get them out of the way before going back to liquid remover.

So those are my 6 mini pan project items. I plan on using them all up entirely before throwing them out (maybe with the exception of the white eye shadow) so we'll see how it goes :)

Have you ever done a project pan? Have you tried any of these products?
Annie x


  1. same about the BB Garnier!try the new Maybelline Bb fresh cream...i think is much better and doesnt look greasy!x

    1. Thanks love, I'll give that a go next then :) xx

  2. haven't use BB garnier, will try it thanks

  3. Oh god the Garnier BB cream is the worst thing ever! I initially loved it but now I find that it looks too heavy on my skin and considering it's not exactly full coverage, that's a definite no no in my books. The shade ain't that great either :/ :P


    1. I totally agree! I really liked it when I got it but now its next to useless where its so oily and such a heavy looking base. Such a shame xx