22 May 2012

Guest Post by Cuti-CLUE-les- Pretty Summer Nails

its Tuesday once again and that means another guest post on Three Little Buhos :) This week we have some fab nail art from the lovely cuti-CLUE-les who has some of the longest, most impressive nails that I've ever seen. Check out he blog for some amazing designs and I hope you enjoy her gorgeous summer nail post, I really love how the final manicure looks :)

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Annie x

Hey all!

I am so excited to do this post for ye all today. I love guest posts so when Annabel said she was looking for bloggers I emailed her straight away to lend a hand :)
I decided to go for both my top 5 summer nail polishes and at the same time I incorporated them into my favourite summer nail art by free handing the tips! Hope ye all enjoy it!

1)So to start of this manicure I would recommend using a base coat. I have one coat of Stargazer 114 as my base coat

2) Pick a sheer polish to use as a base colour. I went for Essence Toffee to go from their Nude Glam collection.
 One coat of Toffee to go:

I put on another coat as it looked a bit too streaky for my liking.

**Quick tip: If your base colour is opaque and you can't see your tips anymore, hold your hand up to the light and you will see your tips! No fear of having to start all over again**

3)For my Index finger I went for one of my all time favourite polishes. This is Barry m Berry Ice cream, the perfect lilac polish. This needed three coats to become perfectly opaque but you can get away with two. It dries fairly quickly so no worries about smudging. 

4)On my middle finger I chose Catrice Salmon and Garfunkel. This is a peach colour that is opaque in 3 coats.Peach is perfect for summer and spring and really brightens up your entire outfit!

5)I used Catrice Meet me at coral island for the tip on my ring finger. I love this colour! It's coral but it leans slightly more towards pink.It's almost neon and it is just amazing. This is almost opaque in one coat. I mainly use this for pedicures but it makes a really bright and fun manicure. 

6)I think minty blue is a gorgeous colour so I picked out Catrice Sold out forever (the new version) for my pinky finger. I didn't think this polish would really suit my skin tone but it works! This is opaque in 2 coats.

7)Finally on my thumb I went for Catrice Birdy reloaded! Yellow polish tends to scare most people off,especially one as bright as this, but when used for tips it is fun without being too bright and daunting.

Here is how my manicure turned out:

I really like the way it turned out especially as it was my first attempt at free-handing the tips. I would suggest using the side of the brush when doing the tips. I used the top of the brush which made the lines a bit harder to perfect. I am delighted with the look of it though. I really hope ye all enjoyed my little post : )  Thanks Annabel for letting me post today! I really enjoyed it :D


  1. Your nails look amazing - like you have picked up a bunch of coloured pencils.

    1. haha that is such a sweet way of describing it! thank you so much :)

    2. So gorgeous aren't they. Thanks for writing the post for me Roisin :) xx

  2. Love it! Will be trying this once my nails grow long enough :-)


  3. Awesome tip skittle!

    I love skittles, but I always have my doubts of pulling them off so I never do them, but this is definitely a better and toned-down version! =]

    1. Arent they pretty? I've only ever done skittle tips with bare nails but this looks so much better :) xx

  4. YAY nail art, great job!!! :D
    (P.S. I found you on the blog hop!! ^-^)

    1. They're great aren't they :)
      Hope you enjoyed taking a look at my blog:) xx

  5. Amaaazing for the summer!! found your blog via Cuti-CLUE-Les and am now a new follower :)

    1. really gorgeous aren't they :)
      Thanks for the follow, hope you enjoy reading :)xx