19 July 2012

My Summer Holiday Skin Essentials List

Evening Ladies,
Its a really nice evening here in Bath. The sun is shining, its nice and warm and now that its less than a month before I go on holiday I can start getting excited and thinking about what I'm going to take.
Clearly, being me, my first thought was "what beauty goodies do I just HAVE to pick up before going?" which made me think about what beauty products I couldn't possibly go away without and thought that some people might be interested to know what I can't leave the country without. To break things down a bit I've split the list in to skin care, makeup and hair products so this is post one of three.
Here are my summer holiday skin essentials.
1. Nivea Creme: This is a fairly new product to my routine and already I know that I couldn't live without it for three weeks. I cover my legs with this every evening and they just drink it up. I get incredibly sore, itchy, eczema prone legs and I've felt a huge improvement from using this cream.

2. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration: Another eczema aimed product. I find that sun cream really dries out my skin leaving it itchy and patchy however this one is designed specifically to moisturize which in turn leads to a more even tan... Plus it smells amazing :)

3. Lush Tea Tree Toning Water: Another fairly new addition to my skin care routine but by far my favourite part. I use this toner twice a day; once before applying makeup in the morning and once after cleansing in the evening. It has really improved the appearance of my skin and it is also very cool and soothing on sun kissed skin. A little secret is to pop it in the fridge during the summer so after a long hot day you can use this to cool down the face and rehydrate your skin. Therefore, holiday essential!

4. Soltan Aftersun containing Insect Repellant: Everyone knows the importance of aftersun, but if, like me, you are one tasty lady in the eyes of all things bug like then this saves a lot of time (and a little weight allowance in your case!) so that when you get out of the shower in the evening and apply your after sun you are also ready to go out for the evening safe in the knowledge that you won't be bitten to pieces by anything nasty.

5. Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets: An oily complexion plus a hot climate can lead to somewhat shiny skin by the middle of the day if you are out being adventurous so popping one of these out from your handbag is a quick and easy way to keep an oil slick situation at bay. I'll be carrying these and a small pot of loose powder at all times in Mallorca.

6. Vaseline Rosy Lips: I tend to wear a lot less makeup on holiday because I get that it all feels a little clogging and claustrophobic so instead I pop a little bit of this on to keep my lips nice and soft and protected and the slight colour to it makes everything look a little more made-up and pulled together.

7. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula: This isn't necessarily a holiday essential as such but it is definitely a big part of pre-holiday beauty because it is amazing at improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Of which I have both. The scars are due to eczema and they heal really quickly with a daily dose of the cocoa butter so its well worth the investment if those are something that you suffer from.

So those are my top 7 summer skin products. Do you use any of these? Do you have a holiday holy grail skin care product that I should know about?
Annie x

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  1. i have psoriasis and nivea creme does wonders for that too! Also lush's dream cream works well aswell and it;s unscented if you want to try something new!:-) Great post!xx

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I love Lush and Im there tomorrow for a VIP party so I'll take a look at the Dream Cream while Im there :) xx

  2. I definitely need to pick up some of those blotting sheets... my skin is usually more on the drier side but this muggy weather has been making me face look so oily! I was looking at the Tea Tree Toning Water in Lush yesterday too, really want to try that out!

    Frances xx


    1. The blotting sheets are a life saver for me in the heat, so useful to keep in a handbag.
      The toning water is great. I like that there are different ones for different skin types too, I dont know about the other two but this one works really well :) xx

  3. http://www.boots.com/en/Soap-Glory™-Glow-Lotion-150ml_27866/

    This is the body lotion I was telling you about that I use for foundation. It's not super-hydrating, but really good as a top layer. It's light, sinks in extremely quickly and leaves a shimmer on the skin. Also, despite looking like a fake tan product, you can wipe your hands on a white towel after and not leave a mark so it really is just a hint.

    It isn't just my holiday must-have, it's my LIFE must-have. :p xx

    1. Thanks Ami :)
      I've heard loads of good things about this actually so maybe it is about time for me to give it a go. I'll take a look when I'm next in Boots. Even just as a little extra for evenings out it sounds like a good product to try. xx