20 July 2012

What's New?

Just a little post from me tonight because I only got home a little while ago.

This evening I attended the Bath Emotional Brilliance VIP launch party and oh boy, it was so fun. I ended up spending lots of money on some of the new range, got a skin and product consultation and ate cake :) What more could a girl wish for? I'll be writing a proper post about that tomorrow morning if I get time before work, if not then it will be up in the evening :)

I've had a touch of bloggers block recently so I'm wondering what sort of posts you lovelies would like to see? I love getting feedback from all of my fab followers so pop me a comment letting me know what posts you enjoy, if theres anything in particular you'd like to see or if you have any suggestions at all. They'd all be a great help!

As regular readers of my blog will know, I've been unwell for the last few weeks with a chest infection that has just been refusing to shift. I'm now on a different type of antibiotics to try and trick the damn thing into vacating. Apparently it's lodged in a "tricky" position which is why I haven't been able to kick it. Fingers crossed eh!

Recently I joined a great little group on facebook called Beauty Box Swaps where you trade all of your unwanted beauty box items and other new or barely used makeup products with other ladies who do want them for items that you will actually get use out of. I've already swapped lots of my unwanted goodies with some truly lovely ladies and got some fab bits and pieces in return. Definitely a group for you to check out!

So thats pretty much all thats new in Annies world at the moment :)
What have you been up to recently? Can you help with the bloggers block at all?
Annie x

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