21 November 2012

Lush a Week #1 Dream Cream

There are so many lovely Lush products that I want to show you because I am addicted to them so welcome to Lush a Week, the best way I could think of showing you the things I love without turning Three Little Buhos into a Lush fan page :)
Dream Cream is my number one Lush product. I adore it and have been using it for months and months now. I actually meant to write a review back in the summer but after getting a job working for the company I became a little worried that people would think that I only write about Lush products because I want to sell them to you. I promise that isn't the case and I guess that if you think otherwise that is down to you, but at the end of the day, this is my blog and I want to fill it with the things I love.

So, Dream Cream!
A gorgeously thick and indulgent cream, Dream Cream is a hand and body lotion designed by Lush specifically for sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. I first discovered this product when I went in to Lush looking for something to ease the horrible eczema I get all over my legs. The girl selling the product (now one of my best friends at work) had so much faith that she sent me away with a sample pot which left me hooked because it really works.

The reason that dream cream is so effective is the range of ingredients packed in. The top ingredient it oat milk which is made by simmering oatmeal in water. Oats are a natural antihistamine and instantly sooth any itchiness and irritation. Dream cream is actually 39% oat milk so thats a lot of instant relief on my sore pins!
There is also a high percentage (24%) of rose water which is a light ingredient that helps to reduce redness caused by the irritation.
Other ingredients include lots of lavender and chamomile to sooth and balance the skin, cocoa butter which softens and helps prevent scarring, olive oil which strengthens the skin and glycerine which gives a protective layer to the skin whilst locking in moisture.
Finally, as a lovely little extra there is also a small amount of tea tree oil in there which is an antiseptic which stops cracked or broken skin getting infected.

Dream Cream is definitely a product full of ingredients used for effect which is why it is so amazing on very troubled skin. Everything is kept super simple and there is nothing in there that doesn't need to be.

Taking all of this into account I would always recommend this to anyone who suffers from dry or troubled skin. It really has changed my life. I used to have incredibly bad eczema on my legs so I wouldn't wear anything that would show them because of the scarring, scabs and redness but now my skin is almost completely clear and the scars are barely noticeable so I'm a lot happier whipping my pins out.

Have you tried dream cream? What do you think of it? Are there any Lush products you'd like to see reviewed or know a bit more about?
Annie x

ps. I'm off to Canterbury for the next few days so I'm not sure how regularly I'll be blogging. I will still be tweeting at @AnnabelleJohn and on instagram at @threelittlebuhos so keep in touch by following me there :)

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