3 December 2012

Just a Quickie

So sorry I haven't been around lately. I've been super busy working what with it being the lead up to christmas. That is the joy of working in retail, so much fun though. I feel naughty for not posting lately so I'm spending some time today writing up post for the next couple of weeks. Lots of festivity to come!

Today is just a little post that I thought you guys would find interesting. I was shown the infographic below by Catherine, a lady who guest posts for me regularly, and thought it was something that would be fun to share. It is all about how women are spending their money on beauty in the USA at the moment. I was amazed that the most money is spent on haircare to maintain a woman's beauty, with me it is definitely skin care for my face!

beauty infographic v2 1 Cost of Beauty Infographic

Source: WomensPersonalFinance.net

Interesting eh? Any surprises there for you? Hope you found it as interesting as I did.
Annie xx

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