6 November 2012

Show Your Support

Beauty may be the at the forefront of what I write about on my blog, however, jewellery and fashion are also a big part of my life. As is supporting charity and raising awareness for people who need it so when Catherine asked me if I could post this article on Three Little Buhos I happily agreed.
Annie x

Jeweller Pandora is the latest company to go good and team up with a charity, its charity of choice, The ABF soldier’s charity. Together they have created the BRITISH ROSE charm for Pandora’s extremely popular and fashionable charm bracelet range.
The stunning Pandora British Rose charm, with its red enamelled petal details and sterling silver encasing is a great way to celebrate, honour or remember a soldier in the British army. 15% of the £40 retail price is donated directly to the ABF which amounts as a small help toward the annual £7million it needs to continue supporting soldiers, veterans and their families both practically and financially. With this figure set to rise to as much as £14million by 2015 following a 30% increase in applications from soldiers you can see exactly why they need your help.
ABF - The soldiers’ charity has 68 years experience of success and support for veterans from both World Wars right the way up to soldiers in active service currently posted in Iraq or Afghanistan. Pandora are a relatively young company in comparison, aimed at the younger market that designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished jewellery. Despite the differences they have, both ABF and Pandora have a very important thing in common, taking pride in what it does and aiming to be the best at it.
This modern and current partnership aims to increase awareness of the charity in the younger market in order to keep the charity moving forward for years to come. There is no easier way to remember someone than by looking down at your wrist. This delicate piece of jewellery is enough to show you care even if you don’t know anyone in the army, enough to make other people think “maybe I should be doing something too”. Join celebrities like Joanna Lumley and Lorraine Kelly in our quest to raise awareness and remember those who do not complain about the risks they put themselves in, they do not let the dangers they face stop them, as for them they are simply doing their job.

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