3 November 2012

The Lust List- Feel Unique Edition

Its been a bad couple of days, I'm stuck at home with flu so I'm going a little stir crazy. Because of this I was really happy to find that Louise from The Beauty of Louise has a competition running on her blog to win £80 to spend on the feel unique website.
To get the chance to win you have to put together a little collage showing what you would pick if you were to win the £80 and post it on your blog.
I love competitions like this because it takes a bit of time and really gets you thinking...plus I love making wish lists :P So here's what I would choose if I won.
1. First of all I would pick up a bottle of Topping Lane by Nails Inc. Since testing this out on one nail several months ago in Debenhams I haven't been able to get it out of my head.

2. Not necessarily second on the collage, but next, I would buy this fab pink hairdryer from Remington because I actually do not own a hairdryer, I've just never got round to buying one and I think the time has come.

3. To go with the hairdryer, I would pick up a bottle of KMS volumizing heat defense spray because I'm pretty vain when it comes to my hair and I wouldn't want to frazzle it with the dryer.

4. I would also treat myself to my first Dainty Doll purchase in the form of this gorgeous red lipstick. I'm a sucker for a red lipstick so this really appeals to me.

5. Finally, as there is very little I need, and because she always spoils me, I would treat my mum to a little present and get her this lovely and warming tangerine and cranberry scented candle. I love burning scented candles and this one being vegan and made of soya wax, it makes me extra happy :)

So those are my picks. What do you think? Are you going to enter Louise's fabulous competition? What would you buy if you were to win £80 at feel unique?

Annie x


  1. mmm that candle seems great!


    1. I like to think it smells all warming and a bit festive as well :) xx

  2. Eeeek I need to stop reading these wishlists - I need it all!!!!!



    1. Haha, I should stop making them, makes me even more aware of the things I can't afford :P xx