23 January 2013

Rise and Shine! Morning Skin Routine

I just wanted to start of by saying how relieved I am that people enjoyed yesterdays post and their little snoop around Annieland, and thank you for all the lovely comments :)
Todays post is going to be a lot shorter, less rambley and back to the beauty.

Now I'm not a morning person, not by a long shot and would much rather grab an extra 5 minutes in bed than scrub and cleanse my face so my morning routine is quick, simple and leaves me feeling nice and fresh before popping my makeup on.
I start off using one of my must have beauty products, Lush Tea Tree Toning Water *review here* and spritz it straight on to my dry face to wake me up a bit and refresh before wiping it off with a cotton pad. This helps to clear away any night time grime and wake up my skin.
Next I use Lush Enchanted Eye Cream which I think is a totally under-rated product that deserves more love  (needless to say, review to come haha). I apply a small amount in an arc shape around the outside of my eye. I find that it really helps to plump the skin, make me feel more awake and reduce any dark circles or eye bags.
After this I use a small amount of my Neals Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture *review here* all over my face. Because its a lovely light moisturiser I find it sinks in really quickly and doesn't leave my face feeling clogged all day.
Finally, I apply a thin layer of Lush Grease Lightening which is a spot treatment over any blemishes. The reason I do this last and make sure to do it every morning is because rather than sinking in to the skin it dries and leaves a little protective barrier over the spot which is unnoticeable but really helps to speed up healing.

And thats all, after that, depending what I'm doing, I will either pop on my makeup or just go about my day feeling all fresh and clean. And the best part is that it only takes a couple of minutes every morning so I don't have to worry about the time.

What's your morning routine? Does this sound like something you'd be able to stick to daily?
Annie x


  1. I love reading posts like this! I should try the Lush Tea Tree Toner, well when im not broke that is x


  2. Id definitely recommend it if you worry about oikiness or have spot prone skin and it really makes my skin feel so fresh and clean :) xx

  3. I have never tried any of the Lush skincare products, so will definately look out for them next time I'm in store!

    I have to say though, I really wasnt keen on the Neal's Yard rose moisturiser - you can read my review here: http://beauflutterby.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/neals-yard-rehydrating-rose-moisturiser.html

    Claire :-)

  4. A lot of people actually pass by lush skin care without noticing but I cant recommend it enough, really simple and effective.
    Its a shame you dont like the moisturiser, I love it. Will check out your review now :) xx