22 January 2013

Take a Little Snoop

A few people have asked me to write this post and after reading this post from Thrifty Girl Loves and enjoying my little nosey into her life I decided it was time to show you one of my favourite places in the 
world, Casa De Annie!
 The butterflies climbing the wall were Escada perfume cards that I collected, painted with glitter glue and bent the wings on to make them all pretty and flying like and the photo on the wall is of camels trekking across the desert. I have two pairs of light and floaty curtains framing the window but if truth be told I dont pull either of them because there was already a black out blind installed when I moved in. I hate the look of windows with no curtains though, it just seems so cold.
 My nail varnish display is probably my favourite piece of storage I own. I was looking for a spice rack in charity shops to store them on and found this really crudely made shelf tht I'm pretty sure some little old man somewhere made. I brought it home, sprayed it gold and covered it in shiny things :)
 This little wall above my clock is covered in little Daniel and Annie tokens like the incense burner that he embellished for me, the plane ticket from one of our holidays and a note he wrote me years ago. I'm a bit soppy like that. Similarly, on the CD and DVD shelving next to it I have the family photo along with cards people have sent me.
 One place I try to always keep pretty clutter free is my bedside table. On here I always have candles, tissues and the book I'm reading at the time. At the moment it's The Goddess Guide which I have a review of and its sequel coming up in a few days. Theres also usually a phone and a bottle of water too but they seem to have escaped the photo.
 I love love love my bed. Its some poncy, fancy one that cost wayyy too much money but by god its comfy. I'm not someone who makes a big effort to make my bed every day when I get up, I just try to keep it looking cosy, that means making sure my scruffy old polar bear Oliver Oscar Humphrey is always there along with my V shaped pillow.
...Lolly the Grumpy Kitty is a pretty permanent fixture too. (Side note: Aging cats tend to find somewhere they luuurve and spend ALL of their time there so it might be worth teaching them at a young age not to sleep in the middle of the bed. I didn't do this. I've learnt the hard way...Lolly is after all, a very grumpy kitty)
 Despite my cluttering tendencies, one other place I like to keep clear is my dressing table. I keep all my earrings and bits and bobs in these gorgeous mirrored drawers I was given for Christmas, my every day bits and pieces on top and all my random hair and beauty bits in the basket thing on the right. The basket is actually really good and only cost £1 from poundland. As you can see, I use lots of Lush products, the perfumes along the front are really special to me :)
 Still on my dressing table I also have my big kitty cup full of makeup brushes, pens, scissors and tweezers, a Roxy watch box full of hair pins and some other random bits. The photo of Daniel and me is about 4 years old now so we both look pretty young. He'd just completed the Ten Tors challenge so he'd walked 55 miles across some moors and up ten stupidly big hills. You can kind of see in this photo that in the middle of my dressing table is a No 7 light up mirror. My mum spoilt me at christmas and bought this and the novelty of seeing all my impurities lit up first thing in the morning still hasn't worn off. Seriously though, I adore it :) My blue place is actually a 1950's crudites dish that I bought from a vintage market in Bath. I fell in love with the colour and just had to have it.

Finally we have my big pink memory wall covered with cards, photos, drawings, paintings and other things that make me smile. And of course there is my beloved print of Three Little Buhos chilling in a pretty floral tree. Photography is a huge thing to me, I love photos of people and I love looking back over memories that people would otherwise forget so I like to surround myself with photos. The framed photos are several I took as part of my A level photography course a few years back and the ones of my friend Kassi in particular remind me of an amazing time.

So there you have it, my little paradise in all of its warm, gold and pink, cluttered glory. I like to think of it as a bit of opulence on a budget with its two pairs of curtains, gold accessories and beauty related clutter but thats just me. I'm pretty sure Daniel actually hates this room but is just far too quiet and polite to say so. I know he hates Lolly the Grumpy Kitty sleeping in the middle of the bed the whole time though...I wonder why...
Annie x


  1. I love these type of posts, seeing other bloggers bedrooms and how they organise things etc, love the nail varnish collection hun!

    Eda ♥

    1. Yay, so glad you liked it, I was worried about posting in case people just had no interest. xx

  2. Annie!
    I love your room :) It's so personal and full of interesting things. Wish I could stick things on my walls, it lacks so much colour compared to yours.
    Also love the nail wall hehe, I actually imagined the old man making it, he'd be thrilled to know you've glammed it up and given a new zest of life.
    love your cat, Mine isn't allowed in my room :s just don't like the pet hair everywhere and he has a digestive problem so is sick now and again and can't have that in there!

    1. Aww thank you. My room is my little heaven :)
      Haha, yeah, a little old man with a cap and a pipe I see, with a strong west country accent, glad I'm not the only one!
      Lolly shouldn't really be allowed on the bed but she was so cute and cuddly when she was little that I allowed it and now she's stuck in the habit. Dan hates it haha. She has bad eczema on her ears though and sometimes makes them bleed so she leaves blood on my sheets which isn't nice xx

  3. i love your nail rack/ shelf. I need one for sure!

    1. Thank you :) Defo take a look around charity shops, so many cool storagey things :) xx

  4. Such a cute bedroom - so homely! Your nail polish display looks really pretty too.



    1. Thank you :) Everyone seems to really like the nail varnish haha xx