19 April 2013

A Little New Phone Bling

My phone is one of my favourite possessions. Its the (rather large) Samsung Galaxy Note II and I've had it since november now. I was only recently though that I got around to giving it a shiny, blingtastic coat.
So here it is, my pretty new case. I am in love with it :)
My pretty case was made by a lovely lady who I found through the beauty swaps group that I am part of on facebook *she has a page you can find her portfolio on here* She makes the majority of her cases to order and each one is totally unique which I really love. It feels like I'm carrying around a piece of art in my hand :)
For my case I asked for pots of pink, purple and pearly bits and pieces and I wasn't disappointed! There is a lovely mix of big and smaller pieces all set in a whipped cream like fixing and Samantha is happy to let you choose the type of decorations you would like. Because of the size of my phone we decided to go for nothing too chunky. He's hiding in my photos above, but in Samantha's photo of the case below you can see my favourite decoration; the gingerbread man peeping out :)
I really do love my phone case and can't recommend Samantha's work enough- like I say, they're like your own little piece of art in your hand.
What do you think of my phone case? Is it something you'd like for your phone? Which is your favourite decoration from my case?
Annie xx


  1. OOh how cute is this xx


  2. gorgeous!!!


  3. I want a phone case like this so bad! Many would say they're tacky and I agree, but in an amazingly cute way haha :) I love the flump and the little ice cream on yours :)

    Frances xx


  4. Hi girlies!! If anyone would be interested please email at sammyroxx@hotmail.co.uk or add my Facebook selling/decoden page !! :)

  5. super cute ornaments on your iphone case!

    P.S. It'll be awesome if you'd take a minute to check out my Fashion Week outfit post!:)

  6. That’s one cool phone case! Thanks to Samantha, you now have a small piece of art in your hand. It looks fragile; I hope it's durable enough to protect your phone, in case you accidentally drop it. Or best if you will hold on to it tightly while using your phone, so it won't totally drop at all.

    Jonathan @ ProWireless.com