29 April 2013

Lifestyle- Time for a Re-vamp

I'm back! I've had a couple of weeks to start getting my life back on track now so I'm ready to get back to blogging properly now everything is a little clearer in my head.
Something that I'm finally getting round to doing after months of procrastination is a spot of decorating and de-cluttering. Clutter is something I seem to attract like a magnet but it stresses me like nothing else so its time for it to go...or at least be hidden and/or neatly organised so it doesn't make me sulk :P
So here's the plan!
1. Whilst I don't like cluttered surfaces, I do love having things on the wall so pretty mirrors are a must. I have a mirror very similar to this hiding somewhere in the house waiting to be cleaned off and hung above the bed side table against a newly papered wall.

2. As well as mirrors, pictures have a big space in my heart. Our house is a classic old Bath stone house with high ceilings and big walls just asking to hold artwork. This one is from Urban Outfitters...and may have to find its way to my home.

3. I'm doing my decorating on a budget but one thing I am willing to spend money and invest in is a lovely lamp for my dressing table. I spend a lot of time there both doing work and making myself look presentable so I think £15 for a functional and pretty funky looking lamp is allowed :)

4. If you read my previous "take a little snoop" post you may have noticed that all of my jewellery was previously hung on a large tree stand where it was all visible. The problem with this is that it had got to the point of being too full so it didn't look very nice any more so I'm on the hunt for a pretty vintage looking travel case to store it in all neat and tidy.

5. Once a clutterer always a clutterer. I'll never be able to resist pretty but impractical bits and pieces ;)

6. In the same way as I love mirrors and pictures, photos will always play a big part in decorating my home. At the moment though many are just stuck to the wall with blue tack so I bought these prety heart frames from ebay for £4.99 to organise my chaos better. One of my walls is a fab shade of fuchsia so I chose to buy white frames that will stand out nicely against the pink.

So what do you think of my action? I'll post some photos when I'm finished to show you the transformation. Todays task is to sort through my bulging wardrobe and cull some of the more neglected clothes and shoes that fill it and then its off for sushi with the lovely Kassi :)
Annie x


  1. that case is stunning! any chance you have a link to the eBay frames?

    Girl Reviews Things xx

    1. Sure, here you go http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/140937033993?var=440111103694&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 :) xxx