3 May 2013

Makeup Mugshot- Taking the Plunge

For some time I've been debating getting a pretty major hair cut. I love my big, flowing mane but its a nightmare to wash and tangles like no ones business so, spurred on by the sunshine and an urge to be able to dye my hair without needing 2 bottles of dye I went and got chopped :)
So heres new Annie!

What do you think? I've had about 4 inches off the bottom and lots of shape and layering put in to give me back some bounce and I love it! The next step is to dye it a nice bright colour, I'm thinking maybe dark purple or red.
Makeup wise I've been loving black eyeliner in my waterline recently. Just enough to make my eyes look nice and bright without being too heavy, combined with fairly neutral eyeshadow and dark pink lips.

Bourjois 123 perfect foundation
Nars Orgasm blusher
Lush Emotional Brilliance face powder
Lush Feeling Younger highlighter

Bobbi Brown Mahogany powder on brows
Lush Sophisticated cream eyeshadow
Rimmel scandaleyes waterproof black eyeliner
Soap and Glory thick and fast mascara

MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick

So what do you think of my new hair? Do you think it suits me? And the most important question; red or purple dye?
Annie xx


  1. I love your hair like this! I recently chopped off a lot of my hair too. It took some getting used to but now I love it! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the color!

    1. Its definitely weird getting used to having so much less hair but I do love it now.
      I'm thinking its going to be purple :) We'll see! xx

  2. you look lovely, im having problems with my long mane at the moment its uncontrollable especially when its all notty


    1. thats exactly why I cut mine. I was so fed up with knots and tangles and it took soo long to wash it every time xx

  3. it looks gorgeous! mine's getting long now and i really want to cut it into a long bob just to change it up and make it more manageable, but i'm really scared to take the leap!