14 June 2013

NOTD- Illamasqua Scarce Nail Varnish

I posted a couple of weeks ago about a cheeky little Illamasqua order that I placed with a friend during their sale. One of my buys was a limited edition polish from the I'mperfection range called Scarce which is a beautiful speckled pink. I already had the purple version, but the pink just needed to be mine!
In the photo I am wearing one coat of Scarce over the top of a coat of a nude Models Own shade. The coverage is amazing and there is no problem with trying to get even distribution of the black glitter pieces. The colour is a very cute pastel pink that I normally wouldn't wear but I really love how the black glitter gives it more of an edge.
In terms of wear this is also a great polish and I've been wearing it for 3 days now with no chipping and thats with no top coat either.
At £14.50 Illamasqua polishes aren't cheap but for the quality you get I think the price is reasonable, especially as a special treat every now and then :)

What do you think? Do you like the look of Scarce? Do you own any of the I'mperfection collection? Which colour is your favourite?
Annie xx

1 comment:

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