20 June 2013

The June Lust List

Money is super tight for me this month and I swear not being able to afford to shop makes you lust after so much more than usual! I've seen so many beautiful things on my wanders that I'd love to own but just can't afford to buy and it makes me sad haha.
Here are the top few things that are on my Lust List this month.
1. Nars Sheer Matte Foundation- I've been using the Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid foundation for quite a while now and I really love having a higher end foundation to provide a good base to build from so after hearing great things about the Nars one I'd like to give it a go :)

2. Topshop Chunky Flower Bracelet- I'm all about statement jewellery and this pretty pink Topshop bracelet is a lovely piece for summer and festival season!

3. Topshop Hyper Sandals- Believe it or not its actually been a couple of years since I last bought sandals so I think its about time I treated myself to a new pair. These funky pink ones caught my eye and I fell in love with them.

4. Dolce and Gabanna Pour Femme- I simply need this smell in my life. It is truly beautiful. With top notes of   neroli, raspberry and mandarin, middle notes of sweet orange blossom and jasmine and a base of marshmallow, vanilla and sandalwood its incredibly sensual, sexy and my dream smell.

5. Urban Outfitters Ethnic Animal Slip Dress- So cute! I live in little dresses, cardigans and tights and this dress is totally up my street with its sweet little animal print.

Pay day cannot come fast enough :) Although I need to be good and start saving some money anyway so maybe the shopping trip will have to wait a while. What are you lusting after this month?

Annie xx


  1. Love the bracelet and the perfume sounds lovely too xx


    1. The perfume is seriously out of this world. I've never loved a smell as much :) xx

  2. That perfume sounds really nice! I'll have to go and give it a smell! Xx


  3. I loved the bracelet!!