29 August 2013

Back to the Blog

I know its been a while since I last posted. Sorry for that, I've been naughty and let life get in the way.
Basically I've been pretty ill yet again with my tonsils and just haven't had the energy or motivation to do anything much justice so thought it would be best to just put things on hold for a few weeks but now I'm better I'm back :)
I have a couple of projects ready to get started on that I'm excited about including #theSOproject which is the brain child of Steph from Steph's Inside Voice. The first installment of that was really meant to have been posted on 27th but I was still away with the fairies then so I'm going to be joining for the second post which will go live 6pm on Tuesday. The series is designed to help those just getting into beauty and makeup and share advice and experiences.
The other project I'm getting involved with is #blogyoursocksoffseptember which is a challenge to post a little something every day during September to kick start the lead up into autumn and winter where cosy evenings reading and writing are king.
I also have several product reviews photographed and ready to go and an exciting week coming up I'll want to tell you all about.

I'm really looking forward to getting properly connected again and refreshing Three Little Buhos. It might be time for a new design and layout too, who knows. For now I'm going to enjoy being back.

Also, I have to share my new Trussardi sunglasses, I am totally in love with them! Aren't they pretty?

What have you been up to whilst I've been gone? Any new beauty finds that you're excited about?
Annie xx

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