1 December 2013

Lush Scents Ponche Perfume

Every year around November Lush host their annual fragrance party and release a selection of five limited edition perfumes sharing the scent of some of their most loved products and all Lush fans get over excited to see which will make the cut.
Ponche was a limited edition shower gel launched last year as part of the Christmas range and brought back this year due to popular demand. It also happens to be one of my favourite Lush scents of all time!
Inspired by a buying trip to Mexico last year, ponche is inspred by a zesty Mexican Christmas punch. I'm talking blended orange, cinnamon, buchu, petigrain and a splash of tequila so as you can imagine, the scent is warm, fruity and full bodied. It terms of wear I have been really impressed. A light spray in the morning and I've found that I can still smell it late afternoon thanks to the high concentration of essential oils (10%).
For a 30ml bottle the cost is £23 which for a high quality perfume is very reasonable. Also in the collection is Calacas at £25, Rose Jam at £30 (this came out last year and smells divine!), Snow Fairy at £25 and Snowcake at £23 all of which are gorgeous smells and equally as high in quality.
The perfumes are available *here* for another couple of weeks or until stock runs out and are online exclusives.

Which scent would you be most likely to go for? I might have to add Rose Jam to my collection if money allows :P

Annie xx

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  1. I also got Ponche...and I LOVE IT! Rose Jam smells AMAZING. Exactly like the shower gel and its lasts much longer on the skin than Ponche does. I would say that Rose Jam's only fault is that it smells very sharply like lemons for the first 20 odd minutes of wear. Like VERY sharp. As in a mosquito repelling candle. But once its wears down its a beautiful warm Rose Jam scent. :D