8 January 2014

Clarins The Essentials Palette

I haven't really gone down the road of showing off all of the lovely things that I was treated to for Christmas, mainly because I squirrelled them away into their proper homes fairly quickly to restore some calm post Christmas, but one thing I had to show you is The Essentials palette from Clarins.
It has been noted by some that this palette isn't all that dissimilar to the Urban Decay Naked offerings however, I feel that whilst the shades have their similarities, as anyone who has used a Clarins eye shadow will know, the quality really is something else. Although they are powder, the shadows all apply so smoothly its almost as if you're working with a cream and their pigmentation is brilliant and with a selection of matte, shimmer and pearl finishes this palette really does have the lot. When a palette comes with a brush I usually end up throwing it aside because I find that companies just don't go to the effort to make sure it's high quality, however this brush is perfect both in size and density for creating lovely soft, smoky looks.
The packaging is a bit of a mixed bag in my opinion as I like the design of the outer casing with its stripes however I do think that Clarins could have perhaps put in a little more effort on the presentation of the internal packaging which is just a fairly average, drugstore looking plastic tray. I can't help but wonder whether this was to keep the price down in line with the UD offerings but I do think that metal or even sturdy cardboard like the outside would have looked a lot better and felt more special.
One handy feature is the looks sheet that comes with the palette which is a good addition for those who might be a little overwhelmed by the little row of neutrals sat before them however some written instructions might have been a good idea!
Over all I think that this limited edition palette is a real hit and I've found myself reaching for it most days. And at £35 is is also slightly cheaper than the Urban Decay palettes so if you can find one then grab it!
Annie xx


  1. would you say it's better than the UD Naked palettes?

    1. Hi Sana :) I'd say that personally I think the Clarins shadows are higher quality however the UD naked palettes are in more sturdy packaging if you travel a lot so would be more convenient however both offerings are amazing...so quality wise I'd say slightly better but not by much :) x