10 January 2014

Lush Valentines Collection First look

Now that Christmas is done and dusted, the retail world has moved on to the next "big day", valentines day!
Being a hardcore Lushie I was very excited when an email pinged into my inbox telling me about the super bright valentines collection.
This year the collection takes a nod towards the beautifully bold! Think neon wrapping, confetti, glitter and punchy fruit scents.
The range takes a rather artsy theme with products inspired by musicians, novelists, artists and actors and I have to say that I really love how everything looks. I've never been one for laid back, subtlety and the stand out style really appeals. I think that the collection shows Lush as people want to see the company; as the crazy soap shop that we all love.
I'm meant to be on a spending ban at the moment since my beauty stash is getting quite astonishing, however I'm going to get my hands on a few bits from the collection to show you in closer detail...and also because I want some of these gorgeous bright goodies in my life so any excuse! ;)
Prince Charming is definitely the product that I'm most keen to have a good sniff of. The sweet yet refreshing ingredients all point towards it being a product that I'll end up falling in love with then pining for when it's discontinued.
The only thing that I'm a little disappointed by is that there are several products in the collection, like "The Kiss" lip gloss that have been returned from last year that, to be honest, I thought were pretty rubbish that time round and could have maybe been replaced with something more interesting however that's just my personal opinion.
You can find the range *here*. What are you most looking forward to trying?
Annie xx


  1. Prince Charming sounds like it would smell beautiful! I have waaayyyy too many shower gels though xx