4 February 2014

January Favourites 2014!

Suddenly it seems that February is upon us, which is crazy since it feels like January has only just begun, but here we are.
It's been a month of rediscovering old favourites rather than purchasing new especially since I'm not currently working so I've been shopping my stash and have fallen in love all over again with products that I've owned for a while.
First up is the very first perfume I ever owned and I can't actually remember where or how I got it but I rediscovered the Britney Spears Curious perfume just before Christmas and have been loving it ever since. It's such a warm, long lasting scent made up from light fruits and florals held to the skin with a base of vanilla and sandalwood. Usually I'm not a fan of celebrity fragrances but believe it or not, this one is actually really sensual and sophisticated.
Who doesn't love Nars blushers? I bought Orgasm around this time last year and loved it for months before moving on to bronzer for the summer. I used this during the pantomime season to add a pop of coral glow and since then haven't been able to get enough of it, especially now I have my fringe back so I'm going for an almost doll like look with pale skin, pink cheeks and bright lips. Beautiful!
Illamasqua is without a doubt one of my favourite makeup brands. The products are beautiful and the ranges are always so unique. Sparce is a baby pink speckle effect polish from the I'mperfection collection. I also have Speckle which is the same effect in purple which I use fairly often but the other day I picked up Sparce as a change and remembered just how pretty this mini egg reminiscent shade is!
I've raved a lot recently about the Clinique Spot Treatment Gel and oh my goodness I've needed it in this last week or so especially! After a few too many late nights my skin rebels but this works wonders to keep it in check and back to normality super fast.
Finally is the Rumble in the Jungle palette from Catrice. I picked this up when I was last over in Mallorca along with a few other bits to try out the brand. I adore all four of the colours and they work so well together. I've been using either the purple or light green along with my Naked 3 palette to add colour along the crease and just above to liven up the look a little because we all know how I like colour!

What have been your favourites during January?
Annie xx

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