30 April 2014

Steam Cream- It's a Love Affair

WiFi issues have kept me away again in the last couple of weeks, blogging nightmare, however, I've been taking the time to beaver away, giving some beautiful products a proper look so that I can share their fabbiness with you :)
With the change of seasons my eczema has been a complete disaster area and I've been left really sore from scratching subconsciously at my feet and ankles in particular. No one wants to have big sore patches, especially in the summer when sandals and bare legs are a must.
Steam Cream was recommended to me as a wonderfully natural, light and incredibly fast acting moisturiser- not dissimilar actually to Lush's Dream Cream which is another favourite of mine- with ingredients tailored specifically to soothe and nourish all skin types head to toe and aid those with eczema and other skin related woes.

Packed full of oatmeal infusion, cocoa butter, rose, lavender and neroli, the ingredients actively work to calm irritation on the skin, balance dryness and reduce redness. This is also enhanced by glycerine which acts both as a humectant that locks moisture into the skin but also as a protective barrier against any external elements. Summed up...the recipe for perfect eczema relief!

From the first use I have loved this product. It sinks in straight away thanks to the fusing process during production which uses steam to blast the ingredients and give it the unique light texture, gives long lasting, effective results and is even vegan friendly. You can pick up one of many beautifully designed 75ml tins from their website for £12.95 which I think is amazing value for such a high quality product.

Have you tried Steam Cream? What do you think of it?
Annie xx


  1. I've got Steam Cream in my cupboard. I only use it as a hand moisturiser...I know it's a full body moisturiser but never tried it on my face because of my eczema and the scent put it off. I'll have to give it a try after reading this. Casey // Atopsyturvyblog.blogspot.com

  2. Great review! I have this actual tin. They have such pretty ones. I am a fan of steamcream too, it works great for my dry skin and the shot of steam makes it so lightweight. I believe it was my first ever review on my blog actually!