3 May 2014

The Ultrabond Challenge with Nouveau Lashes

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!
Recently I was approached and asked if I would like to take part in the #ultrabondchallenge which is taking place this weekend and features the range of beautiful false lashes from brand Nouveau Lashes* and an exciting new lash adhesive from Ultrabond* which promises longer wear, is latex free which means no nasty smell and also much less chance of skin irritation.

The #ultrabondchallenge tests the quality of the lashes and also whether the Ultrabond adhesive lives up to its claims of longevity. On Friday evening I was to apply the lashes as usual, using the Ultrabond glue but rather than remove them at the end of the evening they get left on for the entire weekend.

So far I must say I'm impressed. I never leave lashes on over night, partly because after a few hours they're falling off but after probably nearly 24 hours now they're still going strong.
I also don't feel like my real lashes are all clogged with glue because I needed hardly any to make the falsies stick.

So far so good so hopefully I'll continue being impressed. Final thoughts to come after the trial ends :)

Annie xx

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