8 May 2014

The Ultrabond Challenge- The Review

As mentioned in my lastpost, over the bank holiday weekend I was taking part in the Ultrabond challenge which was put together to test the staying power of new Ultrabond lash adhesive* and the quality of Nouveau lashes*.
Ultrabond prides itself on being different to other lash glues; it is latex free and incredibly gentle on the skin making it suitable for almost everyone. To adhere thelashes I found that I needed barely any of the Ultrabond glue and once it had dried the lashes were set firmly in place and stayed there with no movement or excess gumminess.
This photo is the final selfie I took for the instagram part of the challenge and shows just before removing the lashes.i was so impressed with how well they held. The only times I felt a little less positive wasafter showering. I found that the warmth and humidity made the glue a little melty (I can't decide whether that's the right word) but as soon as my skin was dry again it toughened back up. Also, I don't think showering is exactly am occasion calling for false lashes usually!

I have to say that over all I was incredibly impressed with the results of the Ultrabond glue. As someone who loves falsies but finds them a bit of a chore with all the usual maintenance and resticking, this was like a breath of fresh air. I wasn't constantly worrying about the lashes coming off and I didn't feel like my eyes were all gummed up from too much glue. I am going to ssy that I think I will actually be wearing falsies a lot more now that I have a glue that makes them so simple to use so I'm glad I took part.
You can grab a tube *here* for £12.95 :)

Annie xx

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