10 June 2015

My Little Box: The Provence Box

I jumped on the beauty box bandwagon when they were still  pretty new concept to the UK a while back now but eventually stopped receiving any because they just got too boring and samey. However, recently, I started noticing people picking up My Little Box and found myself interested once again because I love that they offer a mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle in their boxes. I've been subscribed for a couple of months now and have really been enjoying receiving my box of pretty surprises through the post.

The theme of this months box was Provence, with all of the items drawing inspiration from the beautiful sun drenched region of France.
I was really happy to open my box and find nestled inside a cute drawstring bag (which is now being used to store our sewing kit) lots of little L'Occitane goodies.
L'Occitane originated from Provence so what better brand to feature! From their range each subscriber received a 50ml Mer and Mistral shower gel, 25g Verbena soap, 30ml Verbena body lotion and a 10ml Roses et Reines hand and nail cream. Tom already has his eye on the shower gel but as a big fan of L'Occitane, I know I will use up all of these very happily. They make some of the very best hand creams and body lotions in my opinion!
As well as the L'Occitane goodies, there was also a My Little Beauty eyeshadow crayon in a pretty bronze shade that will look perfect with most things in the summer. I wear a lot of gold and bronze so I was really happy with this too. It is soft and creamy and has great staying power. At the moment you aren't able to purchase from the My Little Beauty website in the UK (apparently they're working on it!) so it is nice to receive an item from the My Little Box beauty range in each box.
There was also a rather cute sheet of magnets featuring a doll who you can dress up in Provence inspired attire. I wasn't overly fussed by this but I've plonked them on the side of the fridge for the time being, leaving Tom a little dismayed.
Finally, inside the little box which say "Sunny things inside" was a little gold coloured cuff bracelet with two pretty blue threads to use to DIY your own little accessory. This I did enjoy. As I've been stuck sat on my bum in silly amounts of pain for the past two weeks I welcomed the distraction. The result is photographed below. I also used the pink string necklace from last months box to add a bit of extra personality to my bracelet.
I think this box was great value and once again, My Little Box have come up with something varied, unique and that will be enjoyable for subscribers.

You can join My Little Box for £11 plus postage per month and also check out their free app My Little App which updates daily with fun and interesting bits and pieces. I do think that out of the current beauty box selection available, they offer the best boxes, but that's just me :)

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? Which ons do you rate the most highly? What do you think of this months box?

Annie xxx

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  1. As a MLB subscriber, I must admit the bonne etoile little necklace is on my neck all the time since last month:)) so cute. I love the combination on your bracelet, mine is pure Provence, with blue and navy threads. Despite lack of time, announced several time, particularly in front of my husband;), I somehow managed to make myself one, too;)))