18 July 2019

Ohh Deer Papergang Box 41 Review

Remember me? Hi, it's been a while hasn't it. I found that between work, home, illness and other things, I just lost the inclination to keep writing. But now that life has calmed down a bit, and I feel more settled, the bugging urge to blog has come back, so here I am with my first post in about 3 years! :o
I have been subscribed to the Papergang boxes right from the start, which was probably also around 3 or 4 years ago now, and I have honestly never had a single box that I haven't loved. Which says a lot. Every other subscription box I've ever had, I've found at least a few boxes to be lacking, but not with Papergang.
Each month they feature a different artist and their work, which makes every month a joy to see fresh new designs from artists that I may not otherwise have found. This months artist is Chloe Hall, who creates her beautiful floral designs from her canal boat home in the Midlands. She works mainly with watercolour and line drawings and builds up patterns using the individual elements that she feels work well together. In an interview with Ohh Deer, she mentioned that the design she used for the Papergang box was inspired by a bouquet that her mother had at the time.
The contents of the box are, as always, great quality, and a good variety. This month we received a canvas document holder, that happily accommodates plenty of paperwork up to A5 in size. At the moment mine is filled with the pieces that I am going to scrapbook from our recent honeymoon (another post on that coming soon!). We also received an undated calendar sheet. These are included every month. I don't personally use them, but if you bullet journal or like to keep a calendar on your desk then they are very handy as well as being pretty. Next up is a sheet of stickers which show some of the individual elements that Chloe used to build up the overall pattern of the box. These are super cute and I know they'll be used up really quickly in my journal because the colours are perfect for brightening up a dull page. Then there is the trademark Ohh Deer notebook. This month it is a little A6 lined book which has gone straight into my Pelle Dori for me to journal in. I really love Ohh Deer notebooks and I go through so many of them. They're really good quality with paper that's nice and thick so pens don't bleed through it, and the cover designs are always beautiful.
My favourite item that we received this month is this pretty letter set. The envelopes are lined with the same pattern that runs through the box, and there is the beautiful floral centrepiece at the top of the sheets of writing paper. The kit contains 10 sheets of paper, and 10 envelopes. Last but not least, is the elegant gold and navy bullet pen. I love how slim and light this pen is. Some pens can be so bulky and heavy, and I find those really hard to write with, but this one is perfect for me. It writes in blue biro ink and flows nice and evenly.

Over all, I would say this one of of the best boxes that Ohh Deer have released in a while. Its varied, pretty and really includes a lot when you consider the box price is only £10.95 plus postage. Subscribers also receive 10% discount on the Ohh Deer website all the time, which is a nifty bonus! Papergang work closely with the international company Tree Aid, and for every four boxes that are sold, a fruit or nut tree is planted in Africa to help supply villagers with nutritious food year round to eat and sell, and also protect the environment. So far the company has planted over ten million trees!

I can't recommend the Papergang boxes more, and if you do want to give them a go, you can find them *here*.

Annie x


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