5 February 2012

BB Cream

the other day in my January Lust List I spoke about Garnier BB Cream.
Well on a shopping trip today with my mum I decided it was about time I bought some to try it out, and since Boots currently have it on on offer at £7.49 reduced from £9.99 I couldn't resist :)
So far I'm really impressed. The cream applies really easily and smoothly and blends into the skin flawlessly, making pores less noticeable and blemishes a lot fainter. The effect is a lot softer than when wearing a proper, thicker foundation, it also gives a lovely faint glow which is nice for daytime without being too much.
I haven't had time to notice the longer term effect of using the cream yet, but I have noticed already that my skin is softer and more hydrated than it has been during this cold spell.
Over all, I'm pretty happy :)
Does anyone else use BB cream? What do you think of it?
Annie x

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