6 February 2012

A Few Favourites :)

Today has been a long day with a 9 hour shift at work. What nicer way to unwind than by coming home and escaping to the dream world created by pinterest. I love looking over my boards when I'm feeling a little run down to cheer myself up and get a little motivation back :)

Here are a few of my favourites at the moment.

1. I think this is a pretty creative way to keep all of those pesky make-up brushes and eyeliner pencils organised so that they don't magically vanish into the depths of the make-up bag.

2. I am addicted to these yummy chocolate oaty treats. I posted the recipe for them *here*

3. This pin makes me smile because every girl should have a friendship as strong as this. My very best friend is going through a lot with illness at the moment but I know that one day this will be us. I love her to pieces.

4. How gorgeous is this pink kitchen? I think pink is a great colour in the kitchen, it seems to just shout domestic goddess to me whilst inspiring me to bake scary amounts of cake :P

5. These colours are just beautiful together and I love love love them mixed with the wood of the table. This would be an excellent colour theme for a wedding.

6. This is a sound piece of advice and a mantra that I try my best to live by. I think this would be a nice quote to paint either above a wardrobe entrance or around the edge of a mirror.

Do any of you do this when you're feeling a bit low? What are your favourite pins?
You can find me *here* if you feel like a good nosy around.
Annie x

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