7 February 2012

Yayayay for Holidays!

I'm all excited this evening because I have finished work for what feels like agessss of holiday time. I feel like a kid who's been let out for the summer holidays and already have a big list of exciting things to do in my time off before going back on the 27th (thats right, I have 19 days off!)
During my time off Ima:

  • Bake yummy things
  • Organise and re-arrange the storage in my bedroom
  • Do some hard core charity and antique shopping
  • Plan some uber fabby blog posts for you
  • Paint my nails crazy colours and change both my nose stud and earrings every day (because I work on a deli I can't do that usually!)
  • Spend some happy time chillaxing in Canterbury
  • Cuddle up and get lost in a good book or two
  • Clean and tidy the house whilst singing loudly
  • Whack out a couple of essays
  • Cycle miles on the exercise bike while watching Jeremy Kyle (and other day time tv no doubt)
  • Eat toasties
I'm so excited, Ima be so busy doing fun things, bliss :) And because I'm in such a good mood, here is a funny kitty photo.

How do you spend your time off from work if you aren't going on a holiday? Am I the only one to get crazy excited about a break?
Annie x

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