31 March 2012

Back to the Beauty!

After my rather distressed post earlier I wanted to get things on here back to being more positive. Yes I may be having a bit of a personal crisis, but the blog is my happy space. So, to get things back on track, here is my latest (an probably last) haul before the spending ban kicks off. I am so happy with this collection.
I popped into Poundland to look for a storage solution for my beauty bottles and got way over excited when I saw that they had lots of Sally Hansen goody bags each containing 3 products for just £1 each! Imanaged to grab lots of lovely bits and pieces and paid just £5 over all, including my new storage box :)

First up, these are the two Sally Hansen goody bags I bought. Aren't they great for £1 each?
In the first one I got a natural beauty lipstick in Sunburst, a natural butter lip shine in Lush and a 13.3ml liqueur shine for nails polish in Beaming. The lipstick is a beautiful colour, its a real my lips but better shade and I can see this replacing my make up store lipstick as my daily shade. The lip shine glides on like a dream. I was slightly disappointed that it has a brush applicator rather than a doe foot but the brush is good quality and applies the butter well. The shade is really ligt and pretty and perfect for a casual, nude look. I'm also really happy with the nail varnish. The first coat applied a little thin but with a second it wascompletely opaque. The colour itself is a beautiful bright red that I think I will probably weara lot onmy toes during the summer.

In the second bag I got another natural beauty lipstick in the same shade (sunburst) because I didn't notice the shades when I picked the bags up but I don't mind because its such a lovely colour. I also got a lacquer shine for lips in Jasmine. I thought this would come out fairly light as a gloss but it is actually a really deep pink, highly pigmented colour. Again it has a brush instead of a doe applicator, but this also applies well, although as its a fairly dark colour you need to be careful when you apply. Finally, I got a lovely natural beauty cream blusher in Sunset. I've never really used cream blushers so I'm excited to try this. When I swatched it on my hand the colour was very pretty and applied smoothly. It also blended in quickly and effortlessly in to a pretty pink shade.

I also grabbed two bags with just one item in.
I was fairly excited by this diamond strength varnish in baguette beige that was in the first individual bag I picked up. In the bottle the shade is light and creamy and I was hopeful that it would apply fairly well, however I was a little disappointed. The colour is indeed lovely but it is very watery and thin so takes a few layers to get much opacity. It also took quite a while to try so I managed to smudge it all over the place. I do think it would look pretty as a base coat under a lightly coloured glitter polish.

In my fourth and final bag I got a Rimmel London loose powder eye shadow in Smokey. I bought this one because I loved the light silver shade and was intrigued by what would be provided to apply the shadow. As it turns out, you are given a nice sturdy foam applicator. I usually dont like these, but the shape and size of this one make it easy to apply the shadow and create a smokey look. I can't comment on the staying power of this yet as I haven't worn it properly but it stayed well on my hand.
So here's a photo of all my new little beauty bits. And all for just £4. This is the reason I love Poundland : )

And lets not forget the storage box! Doesn't it look cute with all my face and brush cleaning products tucked away inside?

Have you seen these Sally Hansen bags in Poundland? What do you think of my new pieces?
I hope this post makes up for my moany one earlier and everyone is back in a happy mood.
Annie x


  1. great haul and bargain! :D


    1. I know, I was really impressed with Poundland when I saw all of their latest beauty goodies, so much healthier for my budget haha :) xx

  2. Lovely colours you have there and a bargain as well. Brilliant xx

  3. Really want to see what my local Poundland has now!