10 March 2012

A Day at the Shops :D

I've had a lovely day today. The cold seems to have been flushed out a little from all the squash and rest I got yesterday so today my mum and I headed into town for a long day of looking around all the lovely shops that Bath has to offer. I really am so lucky to live in such a great place!
The weather here today has been wonderful; warm and bright with plenty of blue sky. We even managed to comfortably sit outside and drink a nice cup of coffee without being driven back inside by cold winds or rain. Spring is truly on its way!
We were both a little naughty and spent lots of money, even though we're both a little tight this month and trying to save towards other things. I am, however, over the moon with the lovely bits and pieces I picked up.
As you can see, considering I'm meant to be saving money, I picked up a few lovely bits and pieces. I was also given a couple of samples to try out as well which is always lovely.
These are the smaller bits and bobs. I got the new issue of Grazia, I buy it most weeks these days. I think it may well be my favourite women's magazine because it has a good mix of articles, fashion and good old gossip. The little round tub is The Body Shop Chocomania Lip Butter. I simply had to go back and grab one of these because I have been so impressed with the effect the body butter has had on my skin that I wanted to try this on my lips and see if the effect is as good (I'll let you know in a few days). They gave me a sample pack of the body butter for free when I told them how much I'm enjoying the range which I thought was sweet. I think I'll save it for when I go away during the summer to save some room in my toiletries bag. The other sample I was given was a Clarins Skin-smoothing Eye Mask which I'm pretty interested to try out. It promises to make skin look fresher, more awake and more energised, even on very little sleep so I'll have to put that to the test and report back.
In Uttam London I picked up this pretty light pink dress which is decorated with little, beautifully detailed butterflies, lace and sequins. As it was in the sale it was reduced down to just £19.99 so I think I found a nice bargain there. It will look lovely in the summer with sandals and sunglasses but it also looked rather fab today with black leggings and cowboy boots so I think I'll be able to carry it over well through most seasons.
Please excuse how I look in this picture, it is the exact reason I don't often add photos of myself, however, I couldn't think of a better way to show off this pretty skirt I bought in New Look. I love this style of skirts with the short underlay and sheer top layer. I think they look so pretty with the waterfall effect down around the leg and then maxi length at the back. This has been my first "summer buy" because I couldn't get the picture of walking along a sandy beach in the sun wearing this and a pretty tribal top out of my head in the changing room. Whilst I think it will look lovely year round with black tights and killer heels for an evening out, I think it will really be a summer staple.

What have you been up to today? Have you been out enjoying the sun? What do you think of my new bits and bobs?

Annie x
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