29 April 2012

Yay for Blog Awards

I'm gutted that the weather is STILL rubbish and that I seem to have picked up some sort of new and incredibly annoying illness but my morning was brightened up by being awarded two shiny new blog awards.
I was nominated by Maggie who writes a lovely blog that you should go and check out. Her posts are great and she gives lots of interesting insight. Thank you Maggie!

The awards I received were The Leibster Award and the Tell ME About Yourself award.

Liebster means darling in German and the award is sent to blogs with less than 200 followers with the aim of showing them that whilst their blog may be relatively new, people still think its fabby. The aim is to raise the profile of these blogs and gain a little extra exposure.

The tell me about yourself award is one I haven't seen before but apparently it is awarded to blogs you enjoy and want to learn more about the person behind the blog.

1. Link back to the person who awarded you.
2. Proudly display your awards.
3. Share 7 new bits of information about yourself.
4. Award 7 more bloggers and let them know.

My Seven Facts:
  1. I make pizza for a living.
  2. Since a holiday to Mallorca two years ago, I cannot stomach dark rum any more :(
  3. When I was 5 I went to Lapland to visit Father Christmas.
  4. My favourite food at the moment is poached eggs and bacon on a bagel.
  5. Daniel's pet name for me is "mugwai"
  6. All you have to do to cheer me up is show me photos of small fluffy animals
  7. When I'm down I tend to go shopping and buy too many pairs of pants.
I nominate:
  1. Hanna from Violet Lulu
  2. The Edge of Beauty
  3. Jade from Jetley Mess
  4. Gazzy from Miss Beauty Licious 
  5. Celeste from Life as Twiggy
  6. Becca from BDP
  7. Emily from Burntredd
Thanks again to Maggie for my two awards :)
I think I'm a go back to sleep now to try and battle off this illness before work tomorrow...or maybe bully Dan into making me some lunch :P
Annie x

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