28 January 2013

Misbehave Boutique Haul

It's been a long time now since I've written a haul post so this one is more than over due.
One of my favourite things about the world of blogging is finding shops and companies that I would have otherwise been unaware of. Misbehave Boutique was a twitter find and as soon as I clicked on to their website I knew that I was going to end up hauling a lot of goodies.
My go to accessories are always big earrings and cocktail rings if I want something in addition to my engagement ring and I'm not up to anything special so thats exactly what I bought :)

It's no secret that I love owls and the first pair of earrings I got were there rather unconventional but very cute owl face earrings.
Next up I chose these amazing bright pink geo drop earrings. I was thinking of summer and sunshine when they fell in to my trolley and they're going to be getting lots of wear when I'm in Tenerife (outfit posts are coming soon fashion lovers!)
The little blue eyed earrings really caught my attention with their big, fluttery lids and because they're smaller they can be worn nice and subtly with a lot of outfits.
My last pair of earrings are these amazing drop down hands which I think may be my favourite pair. They hang down from the ear clutching their little jewels :)
You can find the Misbehave earring selection *here*
And now the finger bling!
The gold crocodile ring came as a free present because I spent over £15, along with a pair of studs and a hairband...I forgot to photograph those, oops! He's really cute and I'm really happy with him.
The little hare ring on my middle finger is the piece of jewellery that drew me to Misbehave Boutique. The hare ring is quite small so I either wear it on my pinkie finger or on my middle finger like I am here.
Finally is this big, striking eye ring. This is probably the biggest ring I own and its definitely very eye catching! The ring itself is adjustable so can be worn by most people on any finger they want but what I like the most is the colour of the gemstones.
You can find the Misbehave ring selection *here*

I've been really happy with all of the little pretty pieces I bought from Misbehave Boutique and will be more than happy to order again. The pricing is really good too, with products starting at a very affordable £2.

What do you think of my new pieces of jewellery? Will you be checking out Misbehave?
Annie x


  1. Those ow studs are really cute!!


    1. Arent they just! You should treat yourself to some :) xx