30 January 2013

In my Graze Box this Week

Graze boxes are my friday treat. I try to eat fairly healthily, despite my addiction to chocolate so once a week I treat myself to a Graze box to give me some healthy, exciting snacks to work my way through.
I'm a huge food fan, which is why I'm perhaps a little larger than some at a size 16,but hey, I'm healthy, happy and not always feeling guilty :)

I started looking at Graze when I got bored of the Beauty Boxes that do the monthly rounds and decided that instead of subscribing to those I would donate £8 per month to Friends of the Earth and treat myself to Graze instead because there won't be any going to waste like with beauty samples.

So what did I get this week?

Well, as usual the box came to me looking all pretty and fresh and included 4 little potted snacks and an information booklet telling you what each one contained and some information about its nutrition.
I got:
Love mix- This snack contained a mixture of cherries, apricots and goji berries so its packed with iron as well as providing one of your 5-a-day. This is the one snack in my box that I wasn't keen on, purely because I feel goji berries are actually a little salty in taste to they'd be better suited in a savoury mix. I really enjoyed the cherries though in particular.

Honeycomb flapjack- These were delicious. The oats in flapjack keep you feeling nice and full and flapjack is also a fab source of fibre...as well as tasting good. I was slightly disappointed that there weren't crunchy pieces of honeycomb in there, instead it was a sort of sticky, caramel texture but the taste was lovely and did keep me nice and full.

Marvellous Macaroon- This snack was packed full of things I love; coconut, almonds, white chocolate buttons and tiny amaretti biscuits so it went down a treat! From the little information booklet I found out that coconut is actually incredibly good for being a slow energy release food so it keeps you full for a long time. Grabbing a little of each ingredient from this snack worked well and tasted so nice together and it felt nice to be eating chocolate but knowing its nicely balanced out and "allowed"

Herby Bread Basket- I've saved my favourite until last to show you. I'm a big savoury fan who loves herbs, garlic and spices so this selection of croutons, rice crackers and mini baguettes all flavoured with gorgeous garlic and herbs was heaven. This snack is also one of the super low calorie options at just 83 calories per box, they were packed with flavour, had a good amount of each type and just tasted amazing. Straight on to my "love" list!

So that's this weeks box. At £3.95 a week including postage some people think that Graze boxes are a little pricey but I love them and personally don't mind paying the money. Theres also a lot of offers available to new customers.
If you would like to try a box for free, including free delivery just enter the code RHXKL1T on the Graze website for your free box.

Will you be signing up to Graze? Or do you already get the boxes? Which snack do you like the sound of best from this box?
Annie x


  1. I'd like to thank you for this post, I'm going to have my first ever Graze box tomorrow and I'm super excited!!! You basically had the kind of box I'd like too! I'm currently on a diet so anything like you to keep me away from snacking on bad stuff is fantasticles! We'll see anyway how it goes!

    In the meantime, you have yourself a new follower :) I'm following on Twitter as Jennaay_tpof as well! Please check out my blog and let me know your views, I really appreciate it! Also, your header is AMAZE! Any chance you can let me know how you did it? :) xx


    1. Aww, glad you're excited. It was a fab box, I love Graze, something so exciting about getting healthy snacks delivered to the door :P

      Thank you for following :) I'll message you on twitter about the header and check out your blog now lovely xx

  2. The Marvelous Macaroon sounds so so delicious, I wish that these could be delivered to my uni halls!


    1. They can be as far as I'm aware. They deliber to work offices etc so I expect uni would be fine :) xx

  3. I wish I could afford the Graze boxes because they are so yummy. My last one had the flapjack in and I seriously wanted more.


    1. So good isn't it! The way I see it is that I don't smoke, I barely drink, I donate to charity and I don't go out partying or anything so I'm allowed to treat myself to things like Graze :) xx

  4. Ahhh they look so tasty! You're making me feel bad as I snack on my biscuits haha!

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    1. Haha, I would too if I had any here :P xx