31 January 2013

Guest Post- The Art of Purse Shopping

I was recently approached by Nancy and asked if she could share a post on Three Little Buhos, and after reading through some of her lovely posts on other sites which made me smile I couldn't say no. So here we go, a lovely guest post from a lovely lady, and to be honest it couldn't come at a better time as I am all full of a horrible cold at the moment and not up to writing much myself. Enjoy.
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Annie x
The Art of Purse Shopping

I have found out in all my years of shopping that purse shopping seems to give women the most trouble. Oh, I know there is always trouble when it comes to fitting dresses, pants, and tops as well, especially if you do not have the model perfect shape that most clothes seem to be made for. But purses pose a major problem for most women. Not that it isn’t easy to see a purse you love but then to when you get it home is it practical? Every woman is different in their purse needs as far as size, pockets, and organization.

Purse shopping can be very difficult. Even if you go to the store and pick out a purse it is a hard task. Unless you are the type of person who buys essentially the same type of purse every time, just in a different shade, and then that is dependent upon whether they continue to make your purse every year which I doubt.

The way I purse shop is first I go through and see what catches my eye and if it is generally in the right size category then I pick it up and look at the latch or zipper to see if it is going to stay closed no matter what I stuff into it. Then I check and see if it has the right amount of pockets inside and if there is at least one with a zipper to keep things from slinging around inside the purse. If I am still intrigued with the purse I have even gone as far as to take everything out of my purse and put it into the purse in question to see how everything will fit!

On my part, I always run the risk of getting a purse too big instead of too small. I know I can not manage with a purse that will not take all my necessities, and there are a lot of necessities believe me, but I also can not manage a purse that holds too much. I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to purse contents. There are things I need and things that I may need. There are things that collect and things that others want me to store for them while we are out and about. If I am with children there are even toys. The bigger the purse the more requests to carry and the heavier and harder it gets. You also run the risk of the bottomless purse. Does anyone else out there ever feel like Mary Poppins with her magic bottomless bag? I know people sometimes watch me to see if I’m going to pull out a hat stand or something while waiting for me to find something in the bottom of my purse!

Hey, I have had literal nightmares about purses over the years. Because I have had many large purses and had a hard time finding things in them for embarrassingly long periods of time while waiting in line this has actually produced nightmares. You know, one of those running and not going anywhere nightmares onlyI am looking for something in my purse that is critical to my staying alive and I can never find it! Horrible dreams that I awake from promising myself to get a more manageable purse.

When you are young you can afford to be a little more impractical in your purse styles but as you get a little older (and hopefully wiser) like me you really need to think of practicality a little bit more than style. I would never leave out style completely but after many years of being the style queen and giving up ease of use I am resigned to the fact that I need to now look for the most practical purse with style. Is that too much to hope for in a purse? I say not, but those purse manufacturers out there (who hopefully all have a woman advisor on their team) sure do need to carry around those stylish purses for awhile before they send them out into the world.

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Nancy Parker is a regular contributor to www.enannysource.com and she loves to write about wide range of subjects like health, Parenting, Child Care, Babysitting, nanny background check tips etc. You can reach her @ nancy.parker015 @ gmail.com

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