9 December 2013

Guest Post: Top Tips for an Unforgettable Christmas Party

Organising a Christmas party is no easy feat. To be fair, organising any party isn’t easy unless you’re the queen of planning and revel in the responsibility. Christmas is full of parties and plans for all the family and if you’ve been put in charge of planning an unforgettable Christmas do, for friends, family or workmates, there are plenty of tips floating around that will help to keep your ideas on track. While it may be tempting to ask for help from party planning professionals, it’s not impossible to do it yourself – much cheaper that way and, for many people, much more fun! Here are some great tips to help you get started:
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Book Early
Christmas is a hectic time, with many calendars full to the brim by the time Christmas Eve arrives. Book early and not only will you be able to secure your venue of choice, but you will also be able to give plenty of notice to guests so that they can organise their home life to coincide. Many people will need to find a babysitter, or will need to ensure their other half isn’t also busy. Give them ample time to ensure they can make it.

Provide a Theme or Dress Code
If you have a clear idea of what you want in your mind, provide information to the guests so that they can go along with it. If there’s a dress code at the venue you’ve booked, let people know. For example, some clubs don’t allow trainers, while a casino may be a little stringent about what counts as ‘smart’ dress. Luckily for you, if your guests don’t have something to wear, they can often pick up a great value suit or amazing dress with ease, if you give them the time to do it!

Plan the Guest List
You need to have a concise list of who is invited; it’d be awful if you missed someone off the list, wouldn’t it? This can get a little messy when it comes to work parties – is it just the staff that is invited? Or are you planning to ask any clients or suppliers? Inviting clients can be fabulous for positive PR, but you also need to make sure that your staff stay on their best behaviour, too, else things could get messy.

Is there a Budget?
Set a maximum spend per head before you book anything so that you know exactly what you, or the company, can afford. If it’s a work do, the company often foot the bill although sometimes, it’s feasible to ask for a little donation towards a ticket - mainly so that you don’t waste money on people not turning up. If you’re organising a party for friends, give them a heads up and ask them to transfer you their contribution in advance so that you don’t have to book things out of your own pocket.

With so many choices on offer, from theme nights to a swanky restaurant meal, you need to decide what is best for the party you’re planning. Consider entertainment, food, drink and how long the party is going to go on for. Most of all, enjoy it and be proud when it all comes together! 

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