23 May 2012

Summer Wardrobe Inspiration

recently I've been looking for new jobs because it feels like its time to move on from Sainsburys. I've been called for several interviews now but what I've found really tricky to put right is how to look stylish, professional and yet not over heat in this uber warm weather. I think I pretty much have this down to a tee now but heres a spot on inspiration.
Seriously, if money allowed, I would own this outfit, so so me!

Dress: How gorgeous is this pink dress from French Connection? Its 100% cotton which will allow your body to breathe a lot better than other fabrics. Choosing a bold colour will make you stand out to your interviewer. Its always beneficial to stand out from the crowd.

Blazer: I love mustard yellow paired with hot pink, its a combination that just works. This Topshop blazer is perfect for throwing on over the top for a professional look and can easily be removed if you feel yourself getting a little warm.

Shoes: Skyscraper heels may make you look and feel amazing but during a job interview the last thing you want to be worrying about is having uncomfortable feet for the whole time. These sturdy heeled T bar shoes from Office are practical, look great, and will stay a lot more comfortable for the whole day.

Necklace: I always think a piece of jewellery finishes an outfit nicely. With the high necked dress this lovely gold statement necklace from Accesorize works perfectly.

Handbag: Finally, as such a handbag fanatic I had to add one to the outfit. This gorgeous bag from Fiorelli is large enough to fit any important documents without the need to bend them such as CV's or training packs and I personally think that a leather bag always looks more professional than any old bag you may happen to be using at the time.

So thats my summer job interview inspiration outfit. What do you think? I love warm colours such as fuschia and dusky brown for summer, they make everything feel brighter and make me feel so much more confident.
How about you? What would you wear to a summer interview?

Annie x


  1. I'm not sure about the 100% cotton... it does let your body breath but it also holds a lot of heat, you'd be better off with an 20/80 polyester/cotton mix, much more wicking and a lighter dress too...

    Sorry thats my outdoorsy side coming out :p

    I love the dress though, it'll look gorgeous on you, esp with that jacket! I love the way those two go together :)

    Won't suit me one bit :(

    1. I think it depends what you're planning to do in the dress, it wouldn't be worn to go hiking or anything very outdoorsy :P But thats interesting to know :)
      I really like the dress and jacket combo too, so bright and pretty :)

  2. Gorgeous! I had the exact same heat related problem the other day, I only have to wear office wear one day a week and what with the heat for the first time I didn't know what to do. I might gou check out that Topshop blazer (:
    Good Luck with the job search!

    girlreviewsthings.blogspot.com xx

    1. I completely boiled the other day when it was so hot and I was all dressed up in smart clothes.
      I was eyeing up theblazer today, its even more gorgeous in reality :)
      And thanks :) I'll post about how it goes Im sure! xx

  3. Hey there! Found you through the blog hop - That outfit looks so adorable! I love the shoes... ah, if only!

    1. Hi :) Hope you enjoy my blog. I'll hop over and check yours out now :) xx

  4. amazing dress!


  5. Love the pairings - I have a typical office job and have to dress accordingly, I love little pops of colour like mustard and red - still professional but adds plenty of personality!

    Thanks for sharing and good luck job hunting x

    1. Thats what I thought. Its so fun to add a little colour then it would be so easy to just wear a grey suit and be done with it.
      Thank you :) xx

  6. I love the blazer and the bag! :)
    Dropping by from the blog hop! :)

    1. Hello :) I'll hop on over and have a look at your blog now! xx

  7. Very nICE! Love the set.
    Found you through the blog hop =)



    1. Hiya Nia, nice to hear from you. I'll hope over and check your blog out too xx